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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finished With The Manuscript of "Love Out Of Lust Pt. 4"

Yay, I fucking did it! I feel so proud of myself that I finished my manuscript of Love Out Of Lust Part 4. This was the most difficult part of the series that I've ever written, because I started working on it in late December 2013, but I stumbled on creating a beginning, and then finding a considerable way to end the story. Yet, I'm so glad that I've finished it. My fans and my editor have been waiting for me.

Here's what you'll expect out of Love Out Of Lust Part 4.

Daryl will meet his ex-wife, since their divorce
Two steamy sex scenes (better grab a toy or tube sock)
And a cliff-hanger that you'll need to read on Chapter 5.

And yes, I wanted to please my fans by making it longer; longer than than 6k words. This part of the story will be over 11k (so far in rough manuscript). I will bring the detail of the word count once it's been officially edited.

I know you guys have been waiting, and I thank you for your patience. Once everything has been sorted out, I'll announce the release date.

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