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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 04/19/2014: Marisol's Enticement

Hey guys, it's that time for another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments, where authors like myself write their most erotic snippets, up to 500 words, but no less than 100 words, provided with an inspired picture.

Today, I'm going to give a true premiere of Love Out Of Lust - Part Four. On Thursday, I premiered the cover reveal of the story, and today I want to show a little bit about the story.


Daryl goes out of his way to find something special for Marisol, while he bumps into his ex-wife Clarissa. What he learns is that Clarissa hasn't gotten over that he divorced her, or better yet, he was happy without her. She suspected he was seeing Marisol while they were together, but Daryl saw through her suspicions, knowing the real truth. Meanwhile, Marisol's cousin, Alonzo, comes home from his tour of duty in Afghanistan and she and Daryl meets him at the airport. There is a nice reunion together, until the three face off with her ex-boyfriend again, Jose and his two friends that Daryl had an encounter days ago.

This book will be available on Smashwords and Amazon.

Also, it may soon be available on Kobo -- the entire series.

Anyways, here is the snippet. I hope you enjoy!

“Daryl, I’m so glad you’re home.” She walked over, opening her arms to kiss him. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you.”
“I tried to get here as soon as I can. It snow pretty—”
She looked at his face, placing her index finger over her lips. “Shh…” She shook her head softly with a sexy grin. “Don’t talk; just kiss.”
She pulled Daryl close to her and kissed him. He didn’t need to argue about what was happening; Daryl felt the softness of her lips it soon turned erotic.
He couldn’t recall the time their kiss was ever this lustful. He was also intrigued by the soft, delicious smell of her perfume. He smelled it through her hair and over her body. Despite how cold it was outside, Daryl was quickly warmed from her wonderful affection. The way her tongue swirled in his mouth had Daryl feeling hard under his pants. He didn’t even take off his coat and things were suddenly getting warm for him. Marisol’s kiss made his temperature rise so quickly, when he attempted to break away from the kiss to catch his breath, Marisol didn’t let him go. She held a grip by his coat.
Then they finally broke away from the kiss. He exhaled his breath. “Whew, it’s getting hot in here!”
“I know.” She quickly fanned her face. “Take off your clothes; let’s go to the bedroom.”
He didn’t need a clue of what she meant by saying ‘let’s go the bedroom’, when she walked away. He noticed something that really caught her attention – her red and white polka-dotted underwear. It was rather unusual, but he loved the way it fitted around her curves. Daryl had the devilish urge to smack her in the ass when he complimented her sincerely.
“I like your panties.”

“Well, you’re gonna love what’s underneath. I’ve done something very special earlier.” She gave her most wicked grin ever when she pulled down her panties, exposing her now clean shaven mound. It made Daryl’s eyes bulge with wonder. Daryl had never seen Marisol shaved before, but her exclusive appearance gave him the incentive to get out of his clothes and explore Marisol’s body some more. She walked away from the kitchen. “Hurry Daryl, I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom.”

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  1. Nice surprise for Daryl.,more than just the underwear, especially since he is finally back home with her.. I like this reunion and hope to read more.