Love Out Of Lust Series

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Laptop Is Back!

It's been an excruciating 48 days since I've been without a laptop. All my contents on AfterDark Online was there, including to my blog and everything pertaining to my manuscripts. I was very well limited and there was so much I could do. I was borrowing my girlfriend's computer, which I didn't want to put too much content on there. I do post very erotic content on my blog, but I didn't want to leave it on my girlfriend's computer, even though she understands what I do and post.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to get posting, and be more frequent as possible. I also have a few short stories I've long wanted to post on my blog. And most of all, I can get started on the cover of Love Out Of Lust Part Four. In addition, I miss my writing groups, and I've long wanted to participate in Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, Saturday AfterDark Moments, and more!

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