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Thursday, April 3, 2014

FREE Until May 2nd, on Smashwords Love Out Of Lust Part Two & Three!

In appreciation of my fans and readers, I want to let everyone know that Love Out Of Lust Part One will be FREE, once again, on Smashwords, indefinitely. This series has been very successful with its readership, it's high time I give back to other potential readers of this series, and be on the lookout for Part Four - Valentine's Day. While Valentine's Day is over, the story isn't.

 Come take the opportunity to get free reads from me, and thank you so much for your support.

Ray Sostre.

Daryl & Marisol had been best friends since childhood, and now live together as roommates.
The two never had this attraction for each other, until one night when Marisol, out of her moment of weakness admitted her darkest desires for Daryl, and the two persued it together. When their sexual desires are expressed, where will it take them from there?


It just happened. Daryl & Marisol had sex for the first time and they felt weird about it. Was it meant to be? Can they just keep it as a one-time thing? And if they can’t, can they maintain their friendship without being hurt?

Was it meant to be between them?

(coupon expires on May 2nd)


A weekend of happiness and content between Daryl and Marisol was promising, but they’re not out of the woods yet. Marisol keeps getting harassed by her ex-boyfriend Jose, and Daryl is now caught in the middle of it. When a confrontation between Daryl and Jose rises, things get ugly.

(coupon expires on May 2nd)

And be sure to stay tuned for Love Out Of Lust Part Four, releasing this month.

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