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Friday, March 14, 2014

Sorry That I've Been Away...

I'm so sorry since I've been away from here. First off, I realized that my laptop somewhat took a shit; I need a new motherboard, and the order is finally on its way. Also, I've worked some very long hours at my day-job, and thankfully I just finished a story for a summer anthology call, while I await for their acceptance.

Although, things had been tough for me, keeping up with AfterDark Online. I've managed to get around. And once again, I'm re-writing the story of Love Out Of Lust - Part Four. I had trouble writing the story, because I wasn't feeling it earlier how the flow of the story should go, but now that I have an idea to create some mild drama I think I know where to go from there. I promised my readers a good story and a sweltering sex scene. I'm going to give it to them as delivered.

I'm hoping to get my laptop up and running as soon as April. I really miss being mobile, rather than being stuck on the Desktop PC. I normally use the desktop pc for writing stories mostly, but my laptop is for everything (sighs). I hope to get back on my feet.

Anyways, stay naughty and stay cool. See you around.

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