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Friday, March 28, 2014

My Playlist to "About The Night Ride Home".

Hey what's up? It's been  some time since I've been on here. I've been busy working and still without a laptop. However, I've been keeping busy writing, but limited since I'm hatin' Windows 8, but I have to get around on things.

Anyways, I learned from others on getting your story muse out of the way with music. I looked through several playlist from others, and I noticed how they use the music for their story, so I decided to get mine out of the way.

Let's face it, I'm hip hop, R&B, and electronica. I listen to rock, but no, I'm not feeling it in the story. I took a lot of time to find the songs that fit the story. Some were already from previous motion picture soundtracks, but it doesn't matter to me since I saw what fit the storyline.

I'm going to go in chronological order of the story "About The Night Ride Home"; one in particular is Darla's theme song, which is mentioned in the story.

This song is inspired by the light rail scene, where Tyler meets Darla which leads to an intense sex scene of the story.

When I looked at this story, I was inspired by the way I wanted Darla to be -- the 'bad girl' character.

I was looking for a song that fitted well with the rainstorm sex scene. I didn't want it too mushy, but I want it to be both hip and romantic. I was hearing this song on the radio several times in my girlfriend's car that I decided to fit this somewhere in the story. I just had to listen to the lyrics to figure out where, and the rainstorm was perfect, even if the video didn't show a rain scene.

This is the song that inspired the story from 2011 to present. The fire that sparked me to continue writing this story. This is also Darla's theme song. In the story, I wanted to display Darla's as the reason why she is who she is

In Chapter Three of the story, I needed a hype-song for the club scene between Tyler and Darla. I had many choices between Remy Ma "Whuteva" or Ying Yang Twins "Badd". Yet, I chose this one because it was both energetic and a more of a club-like tempo.

In this song, I debated whether or not to have this song listed, but as I heard the lyrics over and over, I was intrigued to include this as my muse. It explains the shocking truth Tyler discovered from Darla, and the heartbreak that Darla goes through when she loses out, not on one lover but two (there's the hint in the story.) I needed a muse that will help both Tyler and Darla move on to a different direction.

The Clash. These guys go way back since the 1970's and 1980's. 
I could've chose a song from Bette Midler, Diana Ross, Lady Gaga, Cher, or ABBA, but I didn't want to be stereotypical and predictable. In this story, Tyler borrow's his neighbor's car (Peaches) to pick up Darla that was in a bind. When I chose this song, I was looking for a song that an ordinary straight man wouldn't listen to in a car stereo, but then I decided to go for a song that had a disco-like feel and dated -- way back!
And I believe this song was popular in the gay clubs as well, during that time. Peaches is gay, but he's a middle-aged gay man in his late forties.

Okay, to all my Captain Rum drinkers. Well, actually, this song has been out since Nov 2013, but I had to call it one of my muses when I wanted to re-introduce Darla as the person who'll shake things up for Tyler's now ex-girlfriend Alicia. Alicia has no knowledge of their previous relationship, but she doesn't like it when Darla gets in the way of getting Tyler, and she'll do what it takes to keep Darla out of the picture.

This was one of the original songs that inspired me to complete "About The Night Ride Home" in early 2011. There was something about this song that intrigued me. I imagined a scene that was a soft, warm moment between Darla and Tyler; the part where their relationship grows again.

"Welcome To Jamrock" by Damian Marley was a song I needed in a pool hall scene between Tyler and his good friend Sully. This is a scene where Sully notices how much Tyler was falling for Darla, but advises him that he should tell her how he feels, if he feels that way about her. While I've been a bit away from the reggae music of today, I didn't want to come out with reggae that was too old for the story.

I needed a song that would fit the gay club scene between Darla and Peaches, who along the way meet up with Karla and becomes friends with Lisa who was hanging out with Karla. While this song was from a motion picture "Project X", respectively, this was one of my muses to the story.

This was the continuation of Darla, Peaches, Karla, and Lisa hanging out together at the gay club. In this scene, they're having too much of a good time, and Darla is finally drunk, confessing her feelings to her friends over Tyler.

I needed a song for a scene that would be soft and filled with subtle confessions between Darla and Tyler; more for Darla who's feelings grow stronger for Tyler, while Tyler wants to tell her how he feels, but has a hard time expressing himself.

This was one of my original muses to the novel "About The Night Ride Home." I needed a muse where the two develop an intimate moment of getting to know each other -- a temptation to take it a step further, but all the things that got in the way between them.

It's date night between Darla and Tyler, and for the first time in two years the feelings had never been any stronger. And this song, while it's new, inspired me to enhance the scene more, which will land the most passionate kiss between them. There was something about this song that sparked my muse more; it had a dark, sexy, energetic vibe that would make their date night perfect for each other.

This was the perfect song between for Darla and Tyler as they closed their night in an upscale dance club with DJ Wheely; a perfect song for things to become hot and heavy.

I wanted a song that opened up a sex scene between Darla and Tyler. I needed something meaningful, yet sensual. The words to this song was perfect, describing what they didn't want ending between them. 

The words to this song doesn't exactly match, but it was the beat the was very optimistic between Darla and Tyler. There was a moment of happiness, but the two haven't official sealed their relationship yet.

This song became a big muse when I started re-writing the song in 2012, but I discovered the song in 2011, shortly after I finished the first draft of the story. The song was the perfect way to end the story, saying "We should be lovers."

This story is still being edited and re-worked. Stay tuned for the release date in 2015.
Written by me (Ray Sostre)
Edited by (Annabelle Crawford)

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