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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Updates on my WIP- Working on Chapter 7 - About The Night Ride Home

Okay, last week, I received my edits to my novel - Chapter 2 and a portion Chapter 3. So far, I'm loving the work my editor, Annabelle Crawford, is doing. I got nothing but love for her. She's kicking up the inspiration to get my story finished by the end of the year, and make a lot more efforts to get more chapters done.

She suggested some changes where I was reluctant to do, because the story was considered dated, and placing a year on the story would limit certain things. Which she was right in the end. I gave some thought, and wondered why not make Darla and Tyler the most fun couple ever. Although, my previous snippets showed that I wrote stories regarding that year and between. Well, I guess I should go ahead and make the story more current, and not use the year.

When she helped edit my story, she strengthen one of the most toughest sex scenes I've ever worked on -- the rain scene. Although, she gave me several suggestions, but this editor was like reading my mind when she looked through it. 

Okay, I've sent my work out, but I have more to do on the story, and while I'm waiting on the second edits to Chapter 2. I'm working Chapter 7, where I'm taking Tyler shopping with Darla, as he learns what potentially living with a woman is like when she shops. Tyler has been single for so long, he's learning that being not only a friend, but patience matters. 

Now in Chapter 5, I showed what happened between Tyler and Darla. Darla was overworked at a local cosmetic store, before the owner closed it down, and she applied at Estella's where she noticed Tyler working. Tyler, however, was content with his new job since, but his relationship with Alicia has left him unhappy. 

In Chapter 6, I re-introduce Darla and Tyler as they work together and reconcile what went on nearly two years ago. Darla learns something that Tyler isn't fully aware of - she witnessed his girlfriend making out with his boss, but Darla is now trapped with the conflict of Alicia when she is suspected of getting in the way of her and Tyler.

In Chapter 7, I'm writing about how two people can be a potential couple with the things they do together -- shop and be there for a friend. Darla loses her home to an accidental fire, and she calls Tyler as the only help she can turn to. Tyler, on the other hand, reluctantly helps her, since they just recently reconciled their issues at earlier. Since he lets her stay at his place, he now learns what shopping with a woman is all about, and how much of a companion she can be to him.

I'm working on a scene that raises some tension; a familiar feeling between them, yet they deny together that they're only friends. In this Chapter, I'm adding some comfort between them, and a hint that the two were meant to be together.

More to come on the novel... stay tuned.

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