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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Making Of Love Out Of Lust - Part Four.

For about two months, I've been trying to figure out how to actually begin Part Four to the series - Love Out Of Lust Part Four, and work on getting it released on Valentine's Day, but I couldn't keep the deadline, because I had a much harder time starting out the story, and I debated about writing an actual event in the story of what happened to my character Daryl, a year ago in V'Day. But now, I finally decided to just put on paper, and re-write the story, where the story is a bit more emotional and painful in the beginning, but also erotic in the end of the story.

In Part Four to my series, I begin with a flashback of one year ago, on Valentine's Day, where Daryl came home and found his wife in bed with his boss, Israel, and why he ended up with a divorce. In the last chapter, I wrote about Marisol's demons, but now I'm going to share you all Daryl's demons, and how discovering his wife's affair left him feeling bitter, but I also want to explain a subtle message of hope and moving on to better things -- Marisol.

I will also introduced two scenes where Daryl meets up with his ex-wife to have a small chat about what happened a year ago, and then a conversation between Marisol and Clarissa about Daryl. There is no drama scene between Clarissa, Daryl, and Marisol, but a lesson that is soon learned of holding on to someone good and letting it go over a foolish mistake.

Also, in this chapter of the story, it is going to be longer than the usual 20 pages, because I'm intending to go more in depth about Daryl here, and Marisol will learn a wonderful lesson of being with a good man from Clarissa.

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