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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Valentine Blog Hop - 02/11/2014 - Love Out Of Lust Part Four

Hey guys! Hiyadoin', and Happy Valentine's Day.
Today, I'm hosting a giveaway of all three of my books to my series -  Love Out Of Lust, and you will be on the list to win Part Four - Valentine's Day, where it will release in March, due to time constraints.

Anyway, here is a sample piece of Part Four in rough draft.

There she was – Marisol – naked from the unraveling of her gray blanket. His nerves never felt so intrigued before when he rubbed the tip of his shaft all along her slit. He studied her expression; she was near rapture. He couldn’t deny it himself how bad he wanted to be in her. Daryl felt his hardness growing strong, growing into this huge sword of flesh, ready to pierce her with the feeling of bliss.

He was yet intrigued over the appearance of her clean shaven mound. He’s seen her naked a few time, but never shaved like this. She did this just for him. She wore nothing in bed and waited long enough just for him. She even admitted how much she thought masturbated all day until he came home. God, what a woman!

The thought of her doing that solidified his hardness, until he was ready to push deep into her walls of pleasure. And when he did, there was a brief resistance, but his steady pumping persisted its way further inside her. Marisol finally let out a gasp, but in Daryl’s mind there was a pure sense of relief in being in her arms again, rocking her while her body molded along with his.

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  1. so sexy a Valentine teaser. Love it

  2. Hot teaser and picture just match. Could imagine how he felt coming home reunited at last.

  3. Great tease! Hot and sexy but also plenty of emotion. I love that he'd seen her naked but the special grooming for him changed his outlook about it. Great tease. Loved it.

  4. Hot, intense, glorious lovers. I love this because I could feel their love in his appreciation of her and all she did expressly for Daryl. These two belong together forever. Love! <3

  5. Whoa! What an awesome tease and pic! Very, very nice! Sounds great! Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentines!

    1. I want to congratulate you for being the winner of my giveaway of Love Out Of Lust Series, and you will receive Part 4 in your email, upon release. :-D

  6. Ok. Douse me with ice water and bring me a fan. LOL SO sexy!