Love Out Of Lust Series

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 02/18/2014: Jason and Mackenzie

Hi, it's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesdays, where authors tease readers with a short snippet, up to 200 words. 

In this segment, this picture really intrigued me. Although, I had to re-write it because I wanted a dialog, and get more descriptive on the foreplay, before the sex scene. But with 200 words, you're limited. :-(

Anyways, enjoy this piece.

Jason stared into Mackenzie’s heavenly body. She appeared shy; insecure about her appearance. All she ever wore was a white corset and that matched her milky-white skin, and thong. There was everything about her body that spelled delicious. She wasn’t some ordinary woman with a skinny waist, but woman with absolute curves. He smiled as he approached her, placing his calloused hands around the softness of her body. “You look beautiful.”

“No man’s ever told me that.” She gave a soft frown, but a smile soon widened.

“There’s always the first time.” He placed his finger under her chin and kissed her. “At least from man who really appreciate you for who you are.”

Mackenzie returned a wanton expression. Then there was a brief gaze, before his lips touched hers. She was taste of passion when his tongue slipped into her mouth.

“Jason, I want you.”

“Me too.” He gently pushed her on the bed and guided his member inside her. At his first thrust, it was so intense he glided his cock in and out of her at rapid speed. He cupped her breasts together and heard her gasp as he watched her expression contort into pleasure. Her reaction couldn’t be anymore satisfying.

Thanks. I hope you enjoyed. 


  1. I love the Mackenzie. Jason was her hero. He knew knew how to raise her ego with his compliments and heighten her pleasure. Hot steamy scene.

  2. I can see why the picture appealed to you, Ray. The expression on her face is going to stay with me for a long while. As usual, wonderfully written. I particularly enjoyed the way she frowned when he said she was beautiful and then when convinced of his sincerity, smiled again.

  3. So hot! I hope he looks after Mackenzie. Great teaser

  4. That was nicely done, Ray. Very heartfelt. I agree with the others, particularly how you skillfully made us realize that she was hesitant to believe him then melted into her feelings when he won her confidence. Every woman is beautiful, in one way or another, but always in bed. I loved that the photo was truely inspirational, not picture perfect but REAL. I loved it. xo

  5. Scorching and intimate. Such a tease.

  6. Fabulous! Loved the emotion you managed to convey!

  7. Hot and hard, yet intimate and curiously tender. A great coupling.