Love Out Of Lust Series

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Completed Chapter 7 of About The Night Ride Home

I finally got this far in the story. I've managed to re-write a total of 44k words to the story, and I had to omit a few scenes, since I ended up getting stuck on it. In Chapter Seven, I'm writing about Darla rekindling their relationship with Tyler as friends, and throw a hint of an opportunity for Darla to be with Tyler.

What she basically notice about Tyler is he was always a good-hearted man. Even though, she tried to use him to get even with her ex-girlfriend Charlie, he forgave her and took her in to stay with him. What Tyler is looking is to help her stay, but Darla, however, saw some possibilities of why he was meant to be.

In Chapter Eight, I'm going to re-write the scene where someone from Darla's past visits her job, and a sudden face-off between Darla and Alicia comes to light, when she finds out about that Darla is living with Tyler. This scene will be a little interesting.  Stay tuned. I'm off to bed. :-)

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