Love Out Of Lust Series

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Short Erotic Snippet - Four Senses

Hey guys, I thought about messing around creating erotic snippets.

She was half-naked; semi-blindfolded. She sat on the bed and thought of all the senses from her body; touch, taste, hear, smell, except sight. Surely, she could see, but she was instructed to keep her eyes closed and allow her four senses take over. And when she took in her senses she never felt so intrigued like before. The arousal of his warmth next to her gave her goose bumps she couldn’t control. She heard his dark, breathy words when he whispered in her ear, “I’ll make you mine tonight.” She smelled the aroma of his masculinity that had her wet, filled with pure desire. Now, all she needed was a taste of him. She was blindfolded, but the visions in her mind played with full anticipation of what would happen next.

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