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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 01/25/2014: Darla's Pleasure

What's up, and we're back! Saturday's AfterDark moment is finally up and running, and we're making it really saucier -- well, I am.

It's here, where author post a snippet anywhere between 100 - 500 words, along with their inspired erotic picture. 

Here's what I have in store for you.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on Darla.” Tyler sat on the bed as he watched as she Darla’s hand rubbing over her sweet core. She was turning him on.

Darla had the most serene expression. Tyler imagined how mad with lust her body was. The way she sighed, had his mouth water with pure excitement. She stimulated her quivering body and caressed the left side of head and breast, while Tyler stimulated his fully erect shaft. There were so many impure thoughts running inside his head, he almost forgot who he was.

Moments later, he was unable to take the torment any longer. He went over and grabbed Darla’s hips and pulled her forward until her pussy was up against her face. His tongue plunged inward; Darla moaned wildly to his skillful tongue. His hands caressed her ass, kneading it until his fingers found its way to the crack of her ass, until the tip of his finger penetrated inside her anus.

He worked on her nub, until her hips bucked wildly. Darla soon orgasm, while she wrapped her legs around his shoulders in a frenzy motion. Tyler would have continued lick on her clit, but he sensed her body was becoming too sensitive from her orgasm. He pulled away and looked at her rapture expression.

“Oh my god Tylerl!” Darla sighed as her breasts heaved like a waves. “I’ve never felt that before!”

Thank you for reading! 
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  1. You said "saucier". Yes it was. I love your ending words. They summarize the mood: “Oh my god Tylerl!” Darla sighed as her breasts heaved like a waves. “I’ve never felt that before!” What will happen to Darla and Tyler when they become old. I hope they continue to spice up your words.

  2. Hot writing to a hot picture Ray both of them go together perfectly

  3. Love the gif, Ray, and love what you've done with it. No wonder it had such a powerful inspirational effect...