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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Refuse To Be Part Of The Norm... I Write Erotic Romance - Interracial Erotic Romance.

I’m an erotic romance writer is what I tell them, but what most people don’t know is that all of my stories, except one, consist of interracial characters. I always wonder why do some naysayers have a problem with stories that contain interracial hero/heroines? I remembered the time I first published my ebook “Their First Night Together.” I received some criticism about my characters. I would have understood about my writing structure, because I had no one who wanted to help me edit my book, I was new to the scene, and my writing style was totally different three to four years ago, but I’ll never forget when one woman asked, “What color is the man?”

When I described a guy to have a high-top fade, I’m sure it’s easy to understand that the male character of the story is black, but at first I thought I was being vague in my story, until I heard otherwise that she wondered why did the character had to be black. I flat out told her, with my attitude of course, that I wanted my character that way.

I’ve always been a fan of interracial romance. I’m in one. My nationality is Puerto Rican, but my skin color is black. My girl is white, and her nationality is mixed too, but should it matter about the characters I write are interracial? It’s bad enough that the real world is a problem, but when the fantasy world has a problem of what color is the hero of the story, and the heroine, I must say… what the fuck is wrong with you?

Even when I wrote the story in 2011 “About The Night Ride Home,” which was never published, but re-written, I never thought of color as the factor, but it wasn’t until last year, when all I saw were posters of women going for the typical blonde hair, blue eyes, with abs of a god, and looks to die for. I had to say to myself, that’s not the way the world works. The world is not flat. I never even described the male character of the story, except he has boyish-looks for women to die for. If the color of his skin should matter to make you read my book, then you’re not a potential fan of my work. And those readers I can do without.

I will soon unveil the pictures of my main characters to my anticipated novel “About The Night Ride Home.” The heroine of the story is white, but I decided that the male character of the story is going to be mixed race, both black and white. I first chose this photo, because it was the most erotic and intimate photo I enjoyed seeing, and it set my muse in writing my story, but I’ve decided to go for something more, because I’ve noticed a lot of erotic authors, particularly by women going for the men who are just typical; good-looking, muscularly built, blue eyes, blonde or long black hair, and white. Now, nothing against it, but I don’t see the world that way, and I like to be unusual about my characters. It’s fiction. I can create my characters the way I want them to be. I don’t want to be an author whose going to cater to readers if they won’t read my books. I want to cater to the ones who will read my stories; even if I’m not the best-seller or have a big audience. I want to be different, and I want all my characters to be unique and different.

In the real world, I’ve known white women who won’t go for white men, and white men who won’t go for white women. It’s the same for black men/women, Hispanic men/women, and Asian men/women, etc. I want to cater to that audience if they’re interested in reading my work. Love has no particular color; just like death. Everyone falls in love, and there is that special someone, regardless of the color of their skin.

I read an article written by Michel Prince, a romance author, and I believe she writes erotic romance as well. She wrote about the disappointments in interracial erotica. I want her to feel proud, and not listen to naysayers about her content. What she is doing is passion, and she shouldn’t feel shunned away from those people. I understand the frustration and sometimes the annoyance of some readers who criticize. Most never wonder if a black man can play the hero in the story, and I ask those readers this: Show me where the rules apply that a hero must have a particular color, and I’m going to show you how full of shit you are. Heroes come in all forms of human life. The problem is it’s the way society portrays the image of a hero. Some may not think a person of a different color or ethnicity can be good-looking and appealing. Everyone must fit the stereotypes. Well, I beg to differ.

I’m proud of being an author of erotica, and erotic romance. I appreciate erotica in many form, and I love interracial romance. I choose not to put my stories in the interracial romance categories, because I believe love is colorblind. And if love is colorblind then
let’s leave the imagination to the reader. All I ask is don’t frown on my work because you don’t approve the ethnicity or race of my characters, and they’re with a white man/woman; rate my work on the overall of the story. Did I leave you a satisfied reader?

Stay tuned for the unveil of my main characters to “About The Night Ride Home.”

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