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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year's. 2014 Has Arrived. I'm Giving Away The Love Out Of Lust Series on Smashwords.

Happy New Year's from Ray Sostre.

2013 has been a very good year, and also a breakthrough year for my series - Love Out Of Lust. 
I want to thank all my fans out there.

In addition, I have lots of erotic muses for 2014, I'm dying to show off some of my erotic stories and more. 
And don't forget to visit my site -  AfterDark Online. It will have a new face, very shortly.

And as a token of my generosity, I'm giving away my Love Out Of Lust Series FREE for 5 days 
(Jan 1st - Jan 5th) on Smashwords. 

Please Use the Coupon Codes Below:

Love Out Of Lust - Part One: PS36E
Love Out Of Lust - Part Two: is CM73R
Love Out Of Lust - Part Three: CW77N

Please Visit Smashwords' Link: Love Out Of Lust Series, and use the coupon code.

Thank you for making 2013 a breakthrough year for me!


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