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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Erotic Short Story: Darla & Tyler's New Year

Hey, what's up? I'm trying to remember the last time I posted some short erotic stories on here, and it's been a while. So, here's a short erotic story, regarding my two favorite characters - Darla & Tyler. This short story is not part of my anticipated novel, but I have so much love for my characters that I want to provide short snippets about them.

Enjoy this 2k story: Darla & Tyler's New Year; a short about the two coming home from a New Year's party to have pure, unadulterated sex at home.

Darla and Tyler entered the apartment on early New Year’s morning. They stumbled happily after Tyler closed the door behind them. They were coming out of a party at a club in downtown Portland to see their friend DJ Wheely spinning on the one’s and two’s. The party was so hype, Darla and Tyler weren’t the only ones partying together; they partied with their friends and co-workers, while their good friend Nikito bartended at the club, serving them drinks and some extra hook-ups.
Darla was tipsy, but more she was aroused by a great time she had as they rang in the year 2014 together. When the ball dropped in the club, they spent the first five minutes making out in the club, in front of good friends. Karla kept taking pictures, while Lisa, Stacy, and Jiro teased them for making too much of a scene. After the party ended, the gang remained at the club, until four o’clock in the morning; way past the required closing time for the club, but it was New Year’s. Surely, they wouldn’t mind making an exception in Portland.
Tyler kicked off his shoes, and opened his dress shirt. He appeared exhausted, but happy to enjoy such a wonderful New Year’s Eve. Darla watched him take off his clothes and immediately a grin was cracked on her face – a mischievous grin. She watched him undress, and the arousal was building in her. They’ve known each other for ten years, been together for almost eight, and until that day, he still had the most gorgeous, young looks and a muscular body. She had been her best friend and lover, always there for her when she needed him, and the most sincere faithful man. This was the man she truly loved.
She watched him place his shirt over the backrest of an office chair, by the computer, and Tyler looked up, as if he sensed something from her.
He froze and gave a silly grin, when he asked, “What?”
She walked over seductively. He wasn’t completely shirtless, but he looked wonderful under his gray tank top shirt. She couldn’t help the crave of running her fingers across his body. The thought alone left a wonderful ache in her center. She wanted him – badly!

She spoke in tone of seduction. “Since we’re finally alone, I was thinking of kicking off the year doing something more than just making out.”
Tyler blushed as he chuckled. “We’re finally alone. We could do anything we want now.”
She gave her most wicked grin. “I know.” She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his lips. “That time in the club, when we made out, I wanted to do it with you somewhere private.” She sighed breathlessly. “Too bad there were that many people.”
He shook his head and laughed. “It’s never stopped you before.”
“I know.” She kissed him again. “It was way too crowded, and no where to hide for privacy.”
Tyler ran his fingers through her hair softly. Darla rested her head on his shoulder as she felt his warm embrace around her curves.
“We’re in the privacy of our own home.”
“Then why haven’t you undress me?” She asked as she looked up and met with his eyes.
There was an air of seduction between them. The two inched closer and kissed. Their kiss started out soft, but soon turned lustful. Their kisses were so hot and ravenous, Darla was building a moisture in her center. She wanted to get out of her clothes and fuck him now. There was this need building in her since she put on her sexy black dress. Darla was planning on a naughty New Year’s Eve with Tyler at the club, even when they hung around for after hours. She wanted to take him some place private, and have sex with him, but their friends kept talking to them, and they were side-tracked. Now that she was finally home alone with him, she wanted to him to rip her clothes off, throw her on the couch and pound the living shit out of her. She was down for anything with him, sexually.
Darla moaned into his kisses. She felt his hand slide across her back as she felt the zipper move slowly down. She could feel the cool reveal from her skin, causing the delicious aches in her center to grow stronger. By now, Tyler has slipped her dress past down her shoulders.
She pulled away and undid the rest of her dress. Tyler, himself, undid his belt buckle, while she stole some glances at him. She was looking forward to this moment; the two sharing some passionate sex on the first day of the year.
There they were; half-naked. Tyler took a step closer and kissed her. The pheromones of his kiss, with the mixture of alcohol was tantalizing for Darla to savor. They did a lot of shots together, and amazingly, they were feeling horny for each other.
“Turn around.” he whispered in her ear, in a breathy growl.
Darla turned herself in front of him. She was in her lacy black underwear and matching black bra
when she felt his fingers slip across her sensuous curves. She was intrigued by his touch. His hands were warm, calloused, and strong. She may have been older than him by a few years, but the way he touched her made her feel younger every minute.
Tyler began kissing her neck, softly. Then started licking the side of her neck. The sensations of his tongue felt so good. She felt another set of moisture building inside her. The sensations could have tickled her, but it felt so good. She began to let herself to go the sensuality by unhooking the clasp of her bra. She wanted more than his hands along the side of her curves. She could feel her nipples peak through her bra, just dying to be touched.
She opened her bra, and let her breast fall freely. In an instant, his warm hand covered her luscious breast. She wanted Tyler to feel how hard her nipples were, she placed her hands on top of his to guide his touch to her anxious nipples.
Tyler gave a squeeze. Oh my god! They felt so good for her. His squeezes were firm and arousing! At the same time, she felt his kisses on her neck which caused her to grind her ass on his harden cock. She felt how hard and ready he was for her. His cock was behind his boxers shorts, but it rest nicely on her ass, perfectly. If only she could reach back there and get a feel of his fleshy member.
She reached her hand behind her, and slipped inside his boxer shorts. His cock was long, hard, and throbbing at full attention. Darla caressed his entire shaft as she thought about how bad she wanted him inside her. All the lustful thoughts went through her mind, and all the lustful memories came to her with the reason why she loved him too. She couldn’t remember the number of times they’ve had sex together, but every sexual encounter was always enjoyable.
Darla felt his hand move across her soft, smooth tummy, all the way inside her lacy panties. His hand cupped her clean shaven mound, leaving her to moan into desire. She heard Tyler groan under his breath. She wasn’t sure if he was intrigued by the way she massaged his cock, or how wet she really was for him. She was equally fulfilled with the foreplay pleasure.
 “Mmm...” She moaned and managed to turn around to face him. “Let’s go on the couch and fuck.”
“I love it when you talk dirty.” He growled jokingly.
“You bring the dirty talk out of me.” She replied.
Tyler didn’t utter a word. He nodded when she got on the gray leather sofa, and kneeled for him to come over. She extended out her arm, and moved her finger playfully for him to come over. Tyler pulled down his boxers and peeled off his socks. When he got on the couch, the two shared a kiss, passionately.
Their kiss was so intense. Darla moaned with surrender to the lustful affections she received. She felt his hands cupping her tits together, and then his kisses moved past her neck, all the way down to her nipples. Tyler began sucking on her nipples furiously. His sucks quickly turned into nibbles and soft bites on her peaks. The way he sucked on her nipples had her anxious of where else his tongue would be useful.
And then, it was like he read her mind. He pulled away and leaned her body backwards to rest on the leather sofa. Tyler pulled down her underwear in the process and tossed her underwear aside. She watched in anticipation as he moved his hand across her clean shaven sex. Tyler, without hesitation, dove his face into her pussy.
The first sensations she felt had her arching her body. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure. The way his tongue moved around her clit had her hand gripping his hair wildly. She watched helplessly as he attacked her wanton center, causing her to grind her pussy all over his face. The sensations were building, but not strong. She couldn’t help but caress her breast when Tyler suddenly stopped.
She looked up and watch him hold his cock in his hand. She couldn’t wait for him to stick his shaft in her. It was all what she wanted all night long, during the party. But before she could feel his length, they shared one more kiss, this time more ravenous than before, and without warning, she felt the tip of his cock slip inside her.
Darla gasped when his cock all the way inside her walls of pleasure. She felt Tyler rocking himself on top of her. His body was filled with so much heat and stamina, she watched desperately as his cock slipped in and out of her pussy rapidly. The sight was totally amazing for her, and she loved the sensations he was giving her.
His rhythm was nice and consistent, but he slowed down as he continued to pump her with hard strokes. She wrapped her hands around the sides of his waist, gripping his nails into his hardened flesh.
Her need to cum was hard to resist. She placed her hands over her clit, and started rubbing herself. She knew Tyler loved it when she masturbated, especially during sex. It drove him crazy out of lust when she orgasm. There was a sensation growing, and it was becoming intense. Her moans grew louder, and Tyler’s rhythm was becoming stronger.
Her hand gripped on the sofa when she felt a wave of pleasure taking over. She rubbed herself furiously until she bucked and cried out in orgasm. The feeling was so intense, in her mind, she was hoping he would come to meet her pleasure. It was more ultimate when the two came together, but when her orgasm passed, Tyler didn’t come; not just yet. However, his body was glistened with sweat, and she loved it very much.
“Oh baby... please cum!”
“I’m almost there...” he panted. “but let me turn you around.”
There was another position she loved very much – doggystyle. She was able to feel all of him inside her, and loved the way he slammed himself into her.
Tyler got off her, and the two switched positions. Darla leaned her body over the ledge of the sofa and waited for Tyler to get behind her. She felt his cock push inside her, and Darla could feel his entire length fill her. She felt the warmth of his hands on her back as his body slammed into hers.
Tyler’s thrusts were both strong and purposeful, causing her ass to smack against his body. Then, she heard his breathing grow intense. His thrusts were rapid, but when she heard him howl, he started to slow his speed, and felt a hot rush of cum shoot inside her walls. While she felt his cock pulsate in her, she rolled her eyes up in relief of pleasure. Regardless, if they came together or not, she enjoyed the feeling of his orgasm inside her; it was a euphoric feeling from him.
Tyler was now spent, but he remained inside her, while he leaned forward and kissed her back affectionately. She was cooling off from the intense sex, but Darla loved the feeling his warm kisses on her cooled back.
Then she felt his tongue slide across her back. It made her shiver, but she couldn’t help giggling to the pleasure.
She purred. “Happy New Year Tyler! I needed that.”
“Me too,” he responded. “Happy New Year Darla.”
“Mmmm.... I hope we weren’t too loud for our neighbor Peaches.”
He chuckled, knowing how many times their neighbor had heard them having sex. “You think he’ll care if we had loud, hard sex on New Year’s Day?”
“I don’t think he’s going to care.”
Tyler got off her, and help Darla off the couch. The two held each other with a soft embrace and kissed one more time. Then he suggested, “What do you say we take a shower together and watch the sunrise, before we go to bed.”
“We still have more of that vodka in the cabinet?”
“We never opened the bottle.”
Darla gave a soft smile when she kissed him. “I love you Tyler.”
“I love you too.”