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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Erotic Gallery January 7, 2014

It's time for another segment of The AfterDark World's Erotic Gallery

Please note: I do not take credit of the pictures. 
All pictures were found on the web, assuming it's public domain.

He was at his computer writing his next erotic story, but he needed a muse. He thought long and hard, until turned around and saw his girlfriend approach him completely naked. She offered to help with his muse.

She was on his mind all night long; the beautiful woman with rich ebony skin, pert nipples that peaked through her dark sweater. He imagined her naked in front of him, riding him, while he imagined himself shooting his load deep inside her walls of pleasure.

He glared over her with a dominant feeling over his beauty. In his mind, he was enjoying every move she made. She laid on his bed, slowly peeling off her lacy black underwear while she arched her ass up for him to see her delightful tidbits.

She wanted a taste of his loving desire. He was hard and ready for her, but she couldn't let him be inside her without taste of his flavor.

It was their anniversary - an anniversary for all three - Missy, James, and Destiny.
It was their first year of a polyamorous relationship, and they rented a room with a hot tub, filled with pedals of roses. 

"Lights, camera, and... action!" the director called for the camera man to film his latest masterpiece.

Vanessa came home with an urging feeling she couldn't control. All day she wanted Campbell; badly. 
She was proud that she fought the urges of her co-worker at work, but when she got home she really needed to get herself off off. She entered the bathroom, and ran the water until she switched on the shower head, and set the shower head into a stream, running over her puckered star, while grinding her little pussy over the ledge.

In and out... in and out of Cindy's pussy. Max loved the feeling of her walls of pleasure.

Marlene was rocked hard from her lover, until he pulled out of her. She waited anxiously for her lover to expel his load all over her, she parted her luscious lips. Then, at the first feel of his spurt, she closed her eyes in satisfaction and jerked her body to his warm, thick feeling all over her satisfied pussy. 

That is all for today. Stay tuned for another segment of my erotic gallery.

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