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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Behind The Main Characters To My Erotic Novel - About The Night Ride Home.

Hiyadoin? It's time to unveil the description of my characters to my anticipated novel of the 
Darla Loves Tyler Series.

Here we go...

Meet Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones is the hero of the story. When I developed this character, I had a hard time to decide how should Tyler appear, even what race. Originally, I thought about using this character as a description in my story - Carmine Giovinazzo 

The male characters I write aren't any alpha-male or dominating types, but I also shied away from describing a character in the likes of him, because I figured it was all too common, the way some authors describe their characters, either they have to cute, with blonde hair and blue eyes, muscular (which is nothing wrong with it), and dominating.

I wanted to break from the norm. My character is hip, very outgoing, but mature with his ways. And the character should be younger than the heroine. Like I said, break the norm.

It was then, I decided I wanted Tyler to be mixed race by October 2013; half black and half white. I like being different as an author. I wanted my description of Tyler to be a mature man with boyish looks to die for, and in my opinion, I think it would be nice to see someone with a different race, background, and the same man-like qualities. I didn't design him to be an asshole, but to be definitely male.
I painted him in the story to be a real catch; single, good-looking, laid-back, disciplined, independent, intriguing, well-mannered, and mature, also talented. He can cook, you know!

How did I come up with the name Tyler?

Well, Tyler was an easy, catchy name I picked up from one of my favorite cooking shows "Tyler's Ultimate" on Food Network, hosted by Tyler Florence.

And then, that's how I designed Tyler Jones to be a talented character. He loves to cook, and this man has the right kind of spark to wow any woman, especially Darla.

Meet Christine Darla Wright - Darla.

Christine Darla Wright is the purpose to my erotic novel "About The Night Ride Home". 

When I originally created her, I wanted to design the mischievous, bad-girl type for Tyler. She's not a criminal, but she's someone who gives Tyler the purpose in life. To say it short, she's the perfect soul-mate for him.

When I originally designed the heroine of the story, I was thinking of one of my most favorite actresses - Famke Janssen.

Let's just say, I had this admiration thing for the actress since I remembered the movie "Goldeneye"
She was that bad-girl, emancipated type I've always been attracted to. 

Christine is her given name, but Darla is the preferred name in the story. I definitely wanted to make her a modern-day goddess to other women, and I wanted her to be different; away from the other heroines in the story, who feel they need a man to guide her. I painted Darla as a woman who's been through it all; married to a rich man, divorced, in a lesbian relationship, and alone. She's done things in her past that she's not proud of, but I want this woman to be confident about her life. 

Of course, I want her to be sexual -- very sexual, but realistically a confident woman.

However, I wanted her appearance to be not like the actress Famke Janssen, because Darla is younger (no disrespect to Famke. I gots love for you); despite the fact that she's older than Tyler by four years. 

There's one thing, I wanted Darla Wright to have the knowledge of - fashion. 

I was mixing her resemblance of Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wear's Prada", where she expresses her knowledge of fashion, but I also want to explain the story of why she never pursued her career as a model.

I will introduce Olivia Grey as one of the characters, but much later on.

How did I come up with the name Darla?

One of my favorite series to date was Angel. However, the t.v. series Angel originated from 
"Buffy The Vampire Slayer Series", and Darla began from there.

Of course the character Darla, played by Julie Benz, was a blonde. The Darla in the story is a brunette. However, I really loved the sensual, seductive ways of her that described 'bad-girl and naughty', and I wanted to incorporate it with the heroine in the story.

Now, there you have it. The two main characters in my story "About The Night Ride Home."

Looking to schedule in late 2014.

See you next segment.

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