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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 01/31/2013

Hey Hiyadoin? I want to say welcome to my first post of Thursday Thirlls posted, an event held by a good friend of mine Tallulah Rose, an up-and-coming author of erotic romance. This event is held every Thursday where people, such as myself, post an erotic snippet between 100 - 1k words, based of the picture provided by the administrator of Thursday Thrills. 

Here is mine. Enjoy

In this piece, this is a rough-copy segment I drummed up on the top of my head. Unfortunately, it was late to post since I was very busy with other obligations. 

Stop by and enjoy what I have. Your feedback is gracious...

Kimber was so excited to get away from her small town in Texas to spend a week in the city with her friend and her friend’s boyfriend – Erica and Diego,  in the big city of Toronto. The weather was rather cold, but the excitement she was about to see was making her warm with excitement. She admired Erica so much for getting out of Texas to see the world it inspired her. Tiana’s life was nothing more than just watching football with her friends and relatives, and barbecue. There was nothing wrong, but she wanted more than just that type of lifestyle.

Kimber was promised to go out to dinner and then watch a show, but she never expected this get-together to be in a strange area. She was taken to a dormant part of town – an industrial section, where there were only abandoned warehouses and old tenement homes. One in particularly caught her eye when she noticed two strange men from far away making what appeared to be a drug-deal. It sort of shocked her; she’d never seen these kind of things happening before, but she remembered what Erica told her to keep her mouth shut at whatever she saw. Giving unwanted attention could lead to getting unwanted attention.

“This place is pretty creepy,” Kimber spoke with a drawl and an eerie feeling of her surroundings. “I don’t see any restaurants around here.”

“Kimber, you worry too much.” Erica tried to assure her friend. “We wouldn’t take you any place that wasn’t safe. This is the place where you can get the best dinner and entertainment in the city. And the cocktails here are so good!”

“You’ll love the kind of entertainment.” Diego grinned. “You’ve said to surprise you for dinner. I’d hope you’ll like this surprise.” He shrugged it off, “Just don’t let what you see get to you. It’s a perfect place to go for dinner.”

Kimber was led up the steps of an old two-story rowhome. She looked up and noticed a sing that read This is not a brothel. There are no prostitutes at this address. “Really, then what is that?”

Erica chuckled, “Relax, it isn’t what it appears to be. Remember when you wanted to be taken to someplace exciting and so taboo, you wouldn’t dare tell your parents? Well, this was the place both Diego and I found a few months ago.”

“A brothel?” Kimber gave her most odd look. “This doesn’t look right; I wanna go somewhere else.”

Diego rang the doorbell, and Erica held on to Kimber’s arm; not forcefully, but in persuasion to regain Kimber’s confidence. “Kimber, wait. I’m not leading you into any harm.” She held her hand up to solemnly swear. “I swear we wouldn’t do anything to harm you. But just keep an open mind.”

Kimber may had been reluctant, but she decided to go along. She stood there, noticing the peep hold sliding open and a there was a pair of eyes behind the door. A man spoke to them in a gruff tone, asking for the password to enter. She heard Diego answered, and the peephole slid close, opening the door to let them in.

Once she was inside, she got a glance of a tall black man in a muscular build. He was intimidating, but God, he was gorgeous! In despite of his intimidating appearance, he was also a gentleman, offering to take their jacket and place them in the closet. He also warned that their cell phones were to be temporarily confiscated, in order to protect the anonymity of the dinner guests. To Kimber, she couldn’t survive a day without her phone. How was she going to survive the night?

Kimber, Erica, and Diego were led into a dining room just down the hall into to the left. There, she noticed a group of people, equally well-dressed for the occasion. Each were served with appetizers and drinks.

“Okay, I now understand this is not a brothel. But what kind of place did ya’ll bring me up to?” Kimber asked apprehensively.

“It’s a dinner party with live entertainment.” Erica replied, before greeting a middle-aged woman in such a voluptuous figure. “And look, it’s the host of this dinner party.”

Madame Gianna, an elite-looking woman dressed in a purple long dress, extended her hand out to them with such a gracious smile.  “Ah my entertainers has arrived.”

“Entertainers?” Kimber looked at Erica and Diego in disbelief What the hell did ya’ll get me into?

“We’re entertaining you and Madame Gianna, along with the guest.”

“Oh really, what kind of entertainment?”

Erica knew Kimber was clueless as to what was going on. She admitted, “Remember when I told you that I finally got my shot do live shows?”

“Yeah?” Kimber answered appresively.

“Well, I didn’t tell you that I perform live sex shows during dinner parties. It’s how both Diego and I been surviving in the city of Toronto.”

Kimber’s eyes widen. She’d never thought she’d see her best friend she grew up with perform live sex shows at a dinner party with a bunch of strangers. Let alone the thought of seeing her best friend have sex, and have sex in front of dinner guests. She wasn’t sure whether to be disgusted and leave, or just stay and watch her best friend perform a sex act with her boyfriend.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 01/29/2013

Hi. Sorry that I was late in posting my Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers. I had some earlier obligations, and I'm now free to post up my piece of up 200 words; no more, no less.

In this segment. I'm doing a piece from a WIP, but this one was just off the top of my head.
It is a ménage romance. I'm unsure if I want to make it a series, or a novel. But this WIP does have non-stop sex scenes, which I'm trying to work on my first 5-flame story.

“I had such a hard day from work,” Melissa frowned. “I had a member at my gym screaming at me for no apparent reason.” She leaned her head against the soaking chest of her boyfriend Jacob. “I so needed this.”

“It’s okay. I’m here.” Jacob ran his fingers through her now soaking wet hair, kissing her on her forehead. “Today sucked; tomorrow’s better.”

“I know. I just…” she sniffed.

Jacob placed his finger on her lips kissing her again on her forehead. “Don’t dwell on it. We’re alone in the shower. Just let the water run through and wash away your bad days.”

She looked up and grinned. “You have a way to make me feel so much better. I’m so glad to have you.”

“Me too,” Jacob caressed her cheek with his finger, kissing her very softly. “And we should be thankful to have Sylvia in our lives now.”

“Me too,” she gave a soft grin. “Too bad she at work, and shower with us.”

“We could do it again, when she comes home tonight?”

“Mmmm… I love the way her body looks during shower,” she purred.


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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 01/26/2013

Hi welcome to another week of Saturday's AfterDark Moments.
A place where you can define your AfterDark Moments up to 500 words.

Here we go. Something to compliment your weekend.

Joey stood in the swimming pool atrium, behind the tall bushes and overhearing the Jacuzzi pool go on as he watched the view of Chandra, sitting on top of this strange man she met earlier in the nightclub. It bothered him… her… Chandra – the woman he was interested in and now there she was… fucking this unknown stranger he watched her meet in the steakhouse last night.

He never expected the two hit it off so quickly, but it did. Should he get all upset over it? It was after all confusing! Joey’s feelings for her only happened two days ago when they discussed about their break-up with their exes. He thought there was a shot in getting with her, but apparently not. He wanted to give her a piece of his mind, but at the same time there was no reason to get upset over. These feeling he had for her only happened overnight, and they were just feelings of possibilities. The feeling of rejection was painful, but not as painful as it could’ve been.

Joey’s eyes stayed locked in on the two, when he heard the man howl in such pleasure. He then witnessed the man’s cock pump uncontrollably inside Chandra’s pussy – he was cumming inside her. And then a cold reality hit him; very hard. His interest in her suddenly changed. He was about to turn away, until he sensed someone watching with him. Who was it?

He turned to his left and noticed a voluptuous redhead in a hot-pink bathing suit standing next to him. He recognized her – Chandra’s best friend Tara.

Oh god! What do I do now? She’ll probably think I’m a pervert!

Joey was expected Tara to expose his perverted action, standing in the bushes like a ‘Peeping Tom’. But something different came out Tara’s mouth, something totally unexpected.

“I love a man that cums like that…” She exhaled her most erotic phrase. “That so hot!”

Hot? Tara was basically a prude. Was there a side he never knew of her?

“Huh?” he asked nervously, worrying what to say next or what she’ll do to him.

“I love it when my friend fucks. It turns me on. But to see a man come her pussy gets me so hot.”

Joey couldn’t help his growing hard-on. The very words she whispered got him very much turned on. Then he noticed the most awkward gesture Tara was doing – she had her hand down her bikini underwear, giving her most wanton look at what she saw. Joey couldn’t decide whether to watch her or Chandra that was getting off from that man from last night, while the cum dripped out of her pussy.

“Can you cum like that?” Tara asked. “If you can, what do you say we go back to the hotel room and you could do the same? Maybe we could forget about the people over there that rejected us?”

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/25/2013

Hello and welcome to my weekly flashing Friday! A shared picture, along with 100 words to express... Enjoy!

“Can you hear the noises coming from the other room?”  Zelda asked in her most sexy whisper, leaning ever-so-sexily. “I could hear sex – plenty of sex in both rooms.”

Danny couldn’t just answer. He stood there and watched Zelda fall amused to the sounds of people next door them fucking, moaning, and screaming out of pleasure. Surely, these wall could definitely talk – they spoke in only one language – the erotic language. 

The sounds were so appealing, he watched Zelda caress her body, unraveling those delicious tidbits under her black negligee.

"Can you feel it now?" Zelda moaned in wanton.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Horny Hump Day - 01/23/2013

Hiyadoin'? It's time for the Horny Hump Day, and I'm about to give you a piece of my most favorite characters -- Darla & Tyler, but this story dates back at how they met, and what later led to a relationship.

This story was completed in 2011, but it is still a WIIP, due to new ideas. 
The name of the story is "About The Night Home"

“Wait,” he protested. “Where are you taking me?”
“Relax,” she assured. “I promise that I’m not going to hurt you.” She stepped closer, closing her eyes as she kissed him. “Okay.”
Tyler, in wanton, nodded, then kissed her. The taste of her lip gloss was a strawberry-flavor that he could feast off of. The kiss grew more passionate, when he felt her tongue slip inside of his. They way she moved her tongue inside his mouth, had him growing hard under his pants. Was he there to make out, or something more? For whatever it’s worth, his bad day was about to be erased into a good night.

My Interview on Dirk & Kam's Place

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for my latest interview.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 01/22/2013

Hey what's up? Hiyadoin'? It's time for the Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, where creative authors, such as myself, provide a snippet of 200 words, based off a picture provided by the author. 

In this snippet, I believe I'm writing something to make you tantalized.

Read the snippet and enjoy!

Kelly’s eyes were closed from the purest passion that Stan was gave her. She felt his strongest heat inside her body, feeding her the luscious feeling he could offer her.

Earlier, she felt his tongue movement in her pussy. The way he worked around her clit was magnificent, causing her to ache for cock inside her. She almost lost her moment when she felt him enter inside her. He was hard, strong, and thick. One simple pump, and she was gasping out of pleasure.  

The kisses she felt on her neck was making her weak in ecstasy. Then without warning, she felt a suckling bite at the side of her neck. He was very dominant, determined to make her succumb to his lustful passion. She felt her thigh get lifted over her body, where she felt his cock pushed deeper insider… deeper and deeper…

Kelly’s intention with Stan was supposed to be fling. She only wanted to him over for simple sex, since she broke off her engagement with her fiancé. She thought by having sex with Stan would satisfy her pain. But she was now faced with a new problem – her feelings were beginning to grow for him. She’s known him since high school, and never thought she’d develop those feelings, but now she wondered if he shared those same feelings for too? 

Thank you for checking out my snippet. Now be sure you check out my peeps below...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 01/19/2013

Greetings, Hiyadoin?
It's time for that AfterDark Moment, where authors such as myself
write a snippet up to 500 words, along with a picture provided with the snippet.
In this snippet, this is based off my two most favorite characters - Darla and Tyler.
In this segment, the two are out on a dinner date, and a late night rendevous in the streets of Portland, Oregon, US.
The scene practically writes itself. See for yourself.
“I haven’t felt this sexy with you in such a long time.” Darla grinned, inching closer to kiss Tyler.
“You’ve always looked sexy Darla,” speaking into her kisses, running his fingers alongside her curves. “It’s too bad, we work too much.” He looked down at Darla’s body; she was appetizing, wearing a black evening dress with a train. “I love the way you look.”
Darla backed him closer to the street lamp, placing her footing on the ledge of the street lamp, exposing her beautiful legs for Tyler as he caressed them with his warm hand.
“I love you Tyler. Happy Birthday.” Darla kissed him hungrily.
“I love you too Darla.” He spoke against her kisses.
Darla felt this delicious ache in her center that made her wish she could tear off his clothes, regardless where they are, and fuck him right on the spot.
Tyler, I have a surprise for you by the way.”
“What’s that?”
She pulled away and grinned wickedly. “I’m not wearing any underwear. What do you say we go somewhere and reconnect our first night together?”
Tyler rolled his eyes away; memories of how he met her rang a bell. “Darla, our first night together was sex in my apartment.”
“And you forgot about that Sushi restaurant?”
“That was our first date together.”
She exhaled with a soft smile, “Mmmmm… I remember that was the best dining experience of my life.”
“There’s always—”
Darla placed her finger on his lip, silencing him. “Na-ah… let’s do it… right here.”
“Here?” Tyler gave a look of disbelief. He looked around his surroundings and noticed there was night time traffic, and people still walking here. “Darla, there’s people passing by; it’s not even eleven yet.”
“It’s never stopped you before.” She gave her most hungry-like expression. “I’ve been wanting you in me all day long.”
Tyler looked around nervously, but the expression of Darla was too hard for him to say no. He spoke softly, “I couldn’t say no.”
“I wouldn’t take no for answer.” Darla opened her mouth and kissed him. Her tongue met with his and swirled inside his mouth. Her center ached for more. At the same time, she felt his hardness pressed against her body. The feeling of Tyler’s hardness had her dripping inside. She wasn’t all concerned about her surroundings; she needed him inside her… now!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Horny Hump Day - 01/16/2013

Happy Hump Day everyone. I want to provide you a hot tease of my current WIP "Finding Possibilities," a cougar erotic romance where Faith, a forty year-old Staten Island woman, meets a young man from Brooklyn, who is ten years younger than her, named Darius. All the things about him were intriguing; good looks, mature, sincere charm, but what he too good to be true?

Here is a Wednesday snippet of what's going on... brace yourself.

Faith was getting very close from Darius’s oral attention; she kept her eyes closed and held his head, grinding herself against his face. But without warning, he stopped. She was disappointed, but when she opened her eyes she saw him moving up her body, where he took his manhood in his hand as he prepared to guide it into her warmth.

She watched with apprehension, wondering if something that hard, that large… that by the time he pushed his cock inside her pussy Faith let out a breathy gasp. She pulled his face to hers to kiss and taste herself. His body was hard and his thrusts felt sensational. She wrapped her legs around his ass and her hands around his sculpted shoulders, gently clawing him as she felt his strokes.

She watched between their bodies as Darius’s cock moved in and out of her pussy. She fluttered soft kisses all over his male nipples. They were smooth and darkened with a fine outline of where to lick; his body was definitely a work of art.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 01/15/2013

What's up and hiyadoin? It's time, once again, for Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser, where authors such as myself write one of the most suaciest snippets of 200 words.
Here's what I have in store for you.
Lacy was in heaven, spending this moment with both Tim and Jacob on the sofa, have a ménage of a lifetime.
She was laid on the sofa, sucking on Tim’s cock, until she felt her legs being parted by Jacob, instantly feeling his length slide right inside her. It wasn’t long until she felt herself get pummeled by his thrust. Jacob’s heat was energetic; it was what always turned her on the most. Tim was the kind of guy that always took his time with her. She’d always loved the way he fucked her, but it was hard to maintain concentration when she could feel Jacob’s hardness in and out of her. She was almost lost in her moment, but she had to stay focus on pleasing Tim.
She held a firm grip on Tim’s length, while she felt his thumb press insider her opened mouth. She needed something in her mouth, whether it was his cock or his thumb, she needed something to suck on – Jacob was pounding her furiously, and her she could lose her moment any time soon.
Then a sudden thought came in her mind. “I want to feel both of you inside me now.”
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 01/11/2013

Hey what's up and Happy Friday everyone. It is now time for Flash Fiction Friday, where writers write a scene, based off a picture, and write it in 100 words. Here's what I have in store for you.

In this short segment, I have my two favorite characters once again, but this one is only about Darla, and the picture provided was definitely something worth writing about.


“Excuse me could you help me?” asked a short man in a suit and tie as he stood inches shorter than Darla.

Darla smiled, turning over to face the short man. “Sure, what can I help you with

“I uh… um…” the short man stuttered. “I was looking for the way out of here.”

She pointed the man the direction, but as she gave the short man directions, she suddenly realized that the man wasn’t making eye contact; he stared directly at her boobs, where she almost got frustrated. All he had to do was look up an extra six inches.

Thank you all and tune for next week's Flash Friction Friday.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Horny Hump Day Post - 01/09/2013

Hey what's up? Hiyadoin'? It's been two weeks since my first post of Horny Hump Day, and now I'm back with my first HHD post for the year 2013.

I want to provide an excerpt based on another WIP, which should make you sizzle. Here is a taste of my current project -- Snow Day.

His tone dropped to a sultry tone. “You know I love it when I hear you masturbate over the phone.”
“Mmmmmm....” she moaned. “I love it when I masturbate about you over the phone.”
             Saul held the phone close to his ear, overhearing the sound of Tiana moaning which really caught his attention.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 01/08/2013

Hiyadoin? I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's. And yes, this is my very first post for the year 2013, and it's time for the first post of Tantalizing Tuesday, from your's truly, in 200 words.
Six months too long, Esther and Jose had been eyeing each other, since they were at work. Esther was with someone earlier, until she broke it off with her loser boyfriend who’d always put her down about her appearance. Meanwhile, Jose was coming out of a miserable relationship with his ex, and he’d remained friends with Esther through their workplace, until he moved on to another job, but stayed in contact.


And now the two shared the new year alone in his apartment having passionate sex on his bed. The two were tantalized by the aromatic smell of sex in the bedroom, for the first time sharing themselves to one another. Jose watched Esther’s expression; she was enthused by the feel of his length inside her. Her hand placed behind his neck, while he felt her body move along his thrusts.


“I’ve so long wanted you for Christmas. Too bad we had to wait for New Year’s to see if you have the same feelings for me.” Esther whispered into his kisses.


“I’ve always wanted you. It’s too bad we were afraid.” He moved his hand down her back.


“Not anymore.” Esther kissed
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