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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 12/03/2013: Tonight's Presentation

Hiyadoin'? It's been a long time since I've been up here. I've been busy writing my stories, and keeping up with my beloved site - AfterDark Online

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Okay, here's what we have. I wrote a nice snippet in 200 words; worth reading over.


Ariel brought a large bowl of popcorn over to the living room, and saw Tino inserting an old VHS tape in the VCR. “Ever heard of DVD?” she shook her head.

“It’s a great movie, and in great condition.”

“What are we watching?” Ariel sat down.

“American Pie.”

“The first one?”


Tino got up from the floor, and picked up the remote beside him, sitting down on the couch next to her. He pressed play, and the beginning of the credits started to roll. Ariel was getting comfortable, when the screen immediately turned snowing, switching to something that she’d never expect to come – an amateur sex video – of her.

Ariel’s jaw dropped in pure shock to see herself having sex with a guy, not Tino, but with his roommate Chad. She watched herself straddling on top of Chad, guiding his cock inside her and instantly humping him. The two were really into it. The Ariel on video humped him so hard, she moaned really loudly. All what Ariel on the couch could do was sit by, mortified that she’d been busted. Yet, she wondered how did Tino managed to record her?

Ariel, in pure shock, turning to Tino. “I can explain.”

Thanks for reading. 
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  1. Now I so didn't expect that. Great flash

  2. Wonderful tease, Ray. I particularly loved the way the surprise just smacked us right in the kisser. Great. Just great!

  3. Ray, that was so not what I expected but, oh so you!!! I have missed you for sure! Now, what's her explanation? I gotta hear this! Loved it:) xo

  4. Fantastic tease! Sure didn't expect that :-)

  5. Good fun. I didn't expect her to be on the porno video, especially with Chad. What is she going to explain? And how will Tino respond?

  6. Fantastic twist built up perfectly. I loved it

  7. Nice. I love kinky stories of secretly taped sex - this is totally my kind of story. It's a real 'what next?' That being the case, what are the odds on a sequel???