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Monday, December 16, 2013

Releasing December 20th, 2013 - The Final Release for 2013 "Love Out Of Lust Part Three"

This is it! The final release for 2013, but not the final release to the Love Out Of Lust Series. In this segment, I promise you all something more exciting - a fight scene, and by far one helluva hot sex scene that'll make you crave for that moment in bed.

Love Out Of Lust Part Three will be a little longer, but I'm working on expanding the characters more. When I wrote the first two chapters, I will admit I was testing the waters, and I was loving the story. I have a vision how this story will pan out.

Come check out the blurb and a small excerpt below:


A weekend of happiness and content between Daryl and Marisol was promising, but they’re not out of the woods yet. Marisol keeps getting harassed by her ex-boyfriend Jose, and Daryl is now caught in the middle of it. When a confrontation between Daryl and Jose rises, things get ugly.

Here's a small excerpt to the story about the fight scene:

He hummed with the wonderful thought of having a delicious home cooked dinner with Marisol. However, he’d never expected to see Marisol’s ex-boyfriend, Jose, waiting for him outside of the Spanish grocery store, along with two of his buddies.
“Yo, Daryl.” Jose, a young, short, light-skinned Hispanic kid in a blue winter jacket and wearing an LA Dodgers baseball cap, approached him with a macho stance. “I want to talk to you.”
Daryl was in no mood for his bullshit. He shook his head, annoyed, “What do you want, Jose? I ain’t got time for this.”
Jose stepped up to him. “What were you doing with my girl at the laundromat?”
Daryl froze. He wondered what else Jose knew. Yet, he wasn’t going to back down; Marisol broke up with him. Apparently Jose didn’t take the message very well.
“Your girl?” Daryl asked. “She broke up with you.”
Daryl was suddenly surrounded by Jose’s friends – a tall, light-skinned Hispanic man wearing an army jacket on his left; a tan-skinned Hispanic man, wearing a Steelers jacket on the right. He knew how this was going to go down for him; Daryl’s nerves started to get the better of him.

Here's a small excerpt to the story about the love scene:

She turned her body and faced the ceiling.  She sensed Daryl also looking up when he asked, “What’s wrong?”
She sighed. “I can’t sleep.”
“Because of Jose?”
“Yeah, I wish I was never with him in the first place.”
“Well, we can’t change the past.”
“I wish I could.”
“And if you did, would you still be in my bed and snuggled in my arms?”
Marisol paused. “Maybe...” she giggled. “but all that matters is I’m in your arms now.” She moved over to kiss him and laid her head against his chest. She moved her hand across his body and slid her fingers under his shirt to caress the hard, sculptured abs. Marisol loved the way her fingers moved over the crevices of his abs. It was enough to leave her aroused, and it didn’t stop there.

She raised her head and looked through the darkness, letting her lips find her way to his. The first kiss was sensual. She pressed her lips farther in to feel the moisture of his mouth. Things were beginning to heat up for her; Marisol wanted more. She worked her hand down, slipping them underneath the waistband of his boxers. She moved her kisses down his neck while feeling his rigid member. He was hard and ready. Marisol wanted him so bad. The feel of him had her aroused, and she was once again feeling that familiar ache in her center. 

Love Out Of Lust - Part Three
Releasing On: December 20th, 2013
on Smashwords & Amazon.
Get ready!

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