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Friday, December 13, 2013

Four Chapters Re-Written on About The Night Ride Home.

Glad that I've finished Chapter 5 of my erotic novel "About The Night Ride Home" I'm going to shoot over to write the sixth, right after sending it off to my editor.

In 2011, when I first wrote the story, I was writing a very rough-draft, but I knew I was writing about the personal issues Tyler and Darla were facing separately in 2004.

In Chapter One, it talks about how Tyler was going through a shitty day at his job, and a window of opportunity presented in front of him to leave his crummy job. But how he got the opportunity presented to him was through the stroke of luck when a woman named Alicia, who had a thing for him, told him to apply at a department store name Estella's. When his shift ended, he rode the train home and met this mysterious woman he once rode with on a semi-regular basis. Tyler, reluctantly takes a detour with her and has sex with her at what he thought was her house. When he found out they broke into someone's home, he was handed a card to give her a call. This woman Tyler had sex with was someone he tried to start a conversation three months ago, but she blew him off. (That woman was Darla)

Chapter Two would've been my favorite part of the story to write about. The reason I felt the story here was because I saw how the two showed compatibility for each other, and I was able to show a little bit about Darla; the bad girl type. Chapter Two has two steamy sex scenes between Tyler and Darla, but also has a secret, for the first time, you will learn about her. (Only a few of my early proof-readers knew) She was in a lesbian relationship with a woman named Charlene Saenz, a.k.a, Charlie, and hid that from Tyler.

In Chapter Three, the two were at the height of their happiness together, at that time. Tyler was having feelings for Darla, and Darla was feeling the same for him, but her old demons were reveal, when Charlie comes along to break up the party. When Tyler discovers the truth, Darla didn't know how to fan the flames. She made one mistake, out of her own anger what her intentions were with Tyler - to use him in getting even with Charlie for cheating on her. But not only did she cost the relationship between Charlie, but with Tyler.
When Darla realized what she's done, it was too late. She had feeling for a young man who actually treated her right, and now he was gone.

In Chapter Four, I explain the beginning process of two people moving on, from Tyler's side when he began his first day at work with Alicia, and Darla moving on without Charlie in her life. This was one of the most difficult chapters to write about because I had to add some fluff, and make some things a bit more believable, and twist a complete end on the chapter. I wanted to assure that nothing was over between Tyler and Darla, but a new beginning that would come years from now.

I wanted to give you all a glimpse of my story between Darla and Tyler. In 2004, I expressed how a possibility between two people can near, but they had some issues of their own to resolve on being together.

Find out how in my next segment, in 2006, how they'll end up being lovers...

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