Love Out Of Lust Series

Monday, December 2, 2013

Completed Love Out Of Lust Part Three, Working On Part Four

Hey guys, it's December 2013. Wow, this year has flown on by, and I'm proud of myself that I've written several published stories. One of them, in particular, is my series to Love Out Of Lust, a story about two childhood friends that turn into lovers from a mutual sexual relationship.

In the recent story, Part Two, I wrote about how Daryl and Marisol tried to deny their desires for each other, and only to realize it was just the beginning. In Part Three, I'm going to premiere a story about Marisol's issues coming to light, where Daryl is suddenly involved by her ex-boyfriend Jose. *SPOILER ALERT* there is a fight scene.

In Part Four, I'm going to writing the continuation of Marisol's issues, but I will also unveil the issues of Daryl's -- his ex-wife. When I wrote the story, Love Out Of Lust Part One, I wrote briefly about Daryl's married life, and what lead to his divorce. I will go in depth about his relationship past and compare it to Daryl's relationship future.

Well, to my readers in the U.S., I hope you all have had a great holiday. Also, to my naughty readers in the U.K, Australia, and Canada. I hope you had a great weekend as well.

Keep it naughty, and be cool.

Ray Sostre.

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