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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 11/23/2013: Mr. Phillips

Hey guys, what's up? It's been a while since I've done a Saturday AfterDark Moment.
I missed out on last week's since I've been trying to catch up on my writing and doing some reviews

Tonight, I'm back, and going to give you what you need in 442 words.


Kiera leaned over the ledge of the couch, and arched her ass up as she waited for Blake to get on the couch and enter her from behind. She felt the heat of his body close to her ass, and much throbbing heat entering her folds. She rolled her eyes upward, loving the feeling of his length fitting inside her. She felt him push all the way inside her balls deep. Kiera couldn’t help but moan.

She felt her ass smacking against Blake’s thrust, when she looked over to the recliner and saw Mr. Phillips holding out his curved member. His shaft was impressive; curved with rigid temptation to her mouth. As much as she enjoyed being pounded by Blake, she wanted to taste Mr. Philips’s cock. She curled her fingers into the sofa with pure lusting thoughts about Mr. Phillips’s cock in her mouth, and then inside her. Mr. Phillips was a man who enjoyed watching couples fuck, but never wanted to participate in the action. She found it odd to her of why. She was minx that most men desired for. Yet, she wanted to feel both men inside her, and the urge of uttering her desires nearly slipped. All she could do was watch in torture of Mr. Phillips stroking his cock until he came. That was there agreement.

“Mmm, fuck me harder!” She spoke through her gritted teeth. She saw the coloration of Mr. Phillips’s cock.

Mr. Phillips was enjoying himself. He kept stroking his member rapidly. His head was tilted back. She studied his expression, and knew he was going to cum. Then she watched carefully as he opened his mouth and utter a soft, but breathy groan. Kiera wasn’t going to let him waste a drop. If it wasn’t going inside her, she was going to taste his freshly squeezed juices.

She got off him, and got off the couch. “He’s gonna cum. Let me at him.”

Keira rushed over to Mr. Phillips, and got on her knees to suck the head of his cock that was about to explode in her mouth. And just in time, she felt his pulsating cock shoot cum to the back of his throat. For some reason, he never protested, except run his hand through her hair. Kiera managed to swallow every drop of it. She loved his flavor too. She was so transfixed to his pleasure, she forgot about Blake’s pleasure. She never meant to feel so selfish towards him.

Thank you for reading.
Tune in next week for Saturday's AfterDark Moments.


  1. Other than a few mistaken pronouns, your Moment was very hot from beginning to end. Does she take care of Blake or pursue Mr. Phillips some more or both?

  2. Yes! Please finish the scene!!! ;-) Very hot!