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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moment - 11/02/2013 - An Unexpected Ally

Welcome to another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments, where authors define their AfterDark Moment anywhere between 100-500 words, provided by their own inspired pic.

Here's what I have in store for you:

Okay, it's time for the finale of this piece. If you read my last Flash Fiction Friday segment, and Tantalizing Tuesday segment, you're all wondering what happened from there. There were two cliff-hangers, but now it's time to leave you with the final piece. 

Allow me to give you some trivia:

Noctura was inspired by a woman I worked with a long time ago, in 1996. She was actually a receptionist by day, and a stripper by night. She had this sexy, evil appearance that if I wrote a story about this girl. She would make the best evil villain.

Originally, this was a screenplay I started out with in 1997. I never finished it, because I stopped writing  before I picked up the turntable. Now, after several years being back into writing, I'm writing short snippets about her. I hope you enjoyed it. It's something I had to twist into the story.

Also, it's over by 63 words. I tried shortening it, but I'm sorry. :-(

Noctura screamed in disbelief. Marvin knew what was going to happen next, but all he cared about was to even the score and be one-up on her. Noctura took away his lover; Marvin took away his; eye-for-an-eye! Now it was time to finish her off. Noctura wasn’t expecting that to happen, but it did. He was hoping Noctura would lunge at him; fangs drawn and claws out, but he also anticipated her next move – move with such a swiftness she would strike while he’s off-guard. In deed, she did. Noctura hissed at him, baring her vicious fangs and moved with such a speed of light. Marvin’s only hope was his calculation. She attempted to strike him from behind, leaving him no chance to fire at her. He had to use ingenuity; only a split-second left. One miscalculating move and he’s dead – finished!

Marvin moved his torso around and slammed Noctura in the face, hard with the butt of his shotgun. He calculated correctly, but had to move fast. Noctura was knocked on her ass, but she wasn’t not for long. He fired a shot but missed. Noctura moved so fast, the blast just hit the floor.

“You’ve missed!” Noctura charged at him. This time landing a punch in his face so hard, he flew several feet back, losing his shotgun in the process. “Now…” She walked over to him. “It’s my turn!”

Noctura kicked him… hard. The punch Marvin took felt like he was hit with a bag of bricks. He was bleeding from the mouth, but the kick he took from her felt like he got struck with a metal pipe. She kicked him again, and he was gasping for air. Marvin took more than an ass-kicking; Noctura was fucking him up. Then he felt himself getting picked up from the floor. He was literally lifted off the ground and shoved against the wall. Marvin tried to kick her off, but his kicks didn’t phase her. She was too strong and determined to kill him.

“Look at you!” Noctura stared into his eyes. “You’re full of fear.” She shoved him hard against the wall again, and spoke even grimly. “And full of failure. All the women you’ve tried to save Marvin Deejan, including your sweet tasting cherry over there, you’ve… failed. But don’t worry, I’ll make it painless for you. I’ll have you join your sweet like Amber in no time.”

Marvin had to admit to his defeat. He couldn’t fend her off. Noctura was going to kill him first and make him hers’. He tried in every effort to kick her off, but couldn’t. He remembered the garlic-pepper spray that Fat Tony had given him, but he couldn’t reach in his pockets in time. He felt his head turned away by Noctura’s hand, exposing his neck open for her.

Then there was a harsh scream from Noctura. Marvin felt the loosening of her grip, and was dropped to the ground. What happened? And he was alive! When he opened his eyes, he saw Amber with a metallic rod in her hand. Noctura screamed horrifically in pain. Yet, he couldn’t make sense, because Amber had come to life and he wasn’t sure which side was she on. All he could do was watch in hesitance.

He looked up at Amber, then she said. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size… bitch!”

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I loved the conclusion of your story. The only thought comes to mind. Noctura made Amber her partner. I envision fireworks between them. Great job.

  2. Had to read this and find out what happened. Dynamic and compelling - good action-packed and visceral stuff. So glad I saw it through to the end.