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Monday, November 4, 2013

Erotic Short Story: Starting The Weekend Off

Ian unlocked the door, and entered his one-bedroom apartment. He locked the door behind him, and began to wind down after a long day at the office. His modern apartment was filled with a sensual smell of perfume and incense. Who was in his apartment? When he walked over to the living room, he noticed his girlfriend Zuli. She’d gotten herself in his apartment and had waited for him since.

“Hello Ian,” she spoke in sultry British accent. “Welcome home.”

There she was… Zuli. She laid on his sofa as she welcomed him with her most warmest smile. The way her mahogany skin tone glowed from the outside light from the window. Best of all, she was naked, wearing only a white pair of crotchless panties that hooked to her matching pair of stockings. Her hair was long and dark; her appearance was a sensual radiant of desire.

“Zuli.” He shook his head. Yet, he couldn’t help looking at her clean-shaven mound. “You’re home early.”

“I thought I’d surprise you when you get home.” She exhaled a sigh. “I wanted to surprise you in your bedroom, but I couldn’t control myself.” She gave her most naughty grin when she slid her hand across her flat tummy. “I’ve been a bad girl. I’d just got myself off thinking about you.” She spoke in her most soft, raspy tone. “I really want you right now.”

Everything she’d said, and all the right words made his dick grow under his pants. He’d been with Zuli for only a month now, and this woman knew how to turn him on. In the back of his mind, he loved it when his girlfriend masturbated, but since he missed her fingering herself Ian gave a small frown. He loved the thought of her thinking of him, while he was away.

He played along, grinning wickedly. “Oh, you’ve been bad… very naughty I would say.”

“I’ve been a bad girl.” She slid her fingers past her tummy and pushed inside her slit. She pulled her fingers away and tasted herself with her tongue. “Mmmmmm….” She moaned, then pulled her fingers away from her mouth. “Come get naked with me.”

Ian felt a throbbing sensation under his pants. It was aching to be free and inside of Zuli. The way she tasted herself responded to her own flavor made him want to get out of these clothes and taste Zuli himself. She was already fingering herself. Her eyes closed with an expression of serenity. He’s never seen Zuli this horny before, but that wouldn’t bother him; she was naked and ready.

He set aside his laptop brief case and kicked off his shoes. He undid his tie, and then his shirt. Once he took off his shirt, he tossed them somewhere in the living room, never minding where it’ll fall. He took off his tank top shirt and unbuckled his pants. He was so quick to take off his clothes he probably set a speed record in undressing for sex. He continued to undress while he watched his beautiful dark vixen finger herself. The way she squeezed her tits with her own hand was purely intoxicating. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling them down, while at the same time, his boxer all the way down.

As he stepped out of his pants, she signaled him over, begging, “Mmmmm… let me taste your cock.”

Ian was completely naked. His shaft pointed directly for her amusement. She slowly licked her lips as he approached her. Ian groaned over the pleasure of her soft fingers that wrapped around his length. He felt her soft caress at the base of its head, pinching out the pre-cum from his slit that made her sample his flavor.

“Mmmm… yum!” She raised her eyebrow, grinning wickedly. She sat up and stroked him gently.

Ian tilted his head back, when her lips touched his shaft. He watched her bobbed her head, until she was able to take more of his length in her mouth. Her sucking continued at a slow, steady rhythm while his hand slid across her body, finding its way inside her slit. Zuli was wet… wet with pure desire. She moved her hips along with his hand movement inside her. The more she moved, the deeper his hands moved inside her, and the wetter she was getting. Ian broke pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved between her legs.

He thought about pushing inside her, just to get a feel of her desire, but he wanted to be patient and return her the favor. He got down on his knees, and began lapping at her juices. His fingers curled around her smooth thighs while his cock ached in jealousy to feel her warm, soft center. Zuli’s hands ran through his blonde hair as she grinded her pussy against his face, letting out soft, sensual moans. He pressed his tongue deep inside her folds to take in more of her juices, then he returned to sucking on her clit. When he moved his eyes up to see her reaction, Zuli was lost in her passions; her head moved from side to side while she grinded his face.

“Ian?” she moaned, looking at him. She signaled. “Come here and give me a kiss.”

He got on top of her and pressed his body on top of her, while he slipped his tongue inside her mouth. When their tongues met, he felt her hand on his cock, guiding it inside her.

He pressed in and Zuli moaned against his kisses. He pushed into slowly, but Zuli’s body was impatient, begging for the rhythm to pick up.

Ian re-positioned himself. He raised his body up and held her leg over to fuck her hard and deep. Monica looked down and gave him a naughty grin.

“Fuck me harder… harder!”

Ian slammed into her. He pushed as hard as he can, rocking her body along with his thrusts. Although, he felt the need to slow down, Zuli wasn’t going to let him. She bucked herself along with his thrusts, until he pulled out. He panted, worrying that he was going to cum too quickly and he couldn’t control the sweet, swelling sensation around his balls.

“Ian? Baby, what did you stop?”

Ian held his now pinkish cock in his hand. He tried not to worry too much about cumming, but it was too late. He felt the pulsation and a large jet of cum shot across, landing all over her pussy. He growled intensely and jerked himself, letting more cum spill all over her, coating her labia with his silky white juices.

“Oh fuck!” He grunted in disappointment, worrying how she was going to react. He knew he came too quickly, and there was a still reaction from Zuli’s face. He looked at his cum, how much of a mess he made all over her. When his eyes met hers’, she smiled and dabbed his cum on her fingers when she tasted it.

Then she smiled. “Ian… I want you to fuck me… again.”

Ian was happy to oblige. He was still hard, but he knew it wasn’t going to last long. He knew he was going to work harder to prevent from softening inside her. This was his final chance. He wanted to impress her… and himself. If he softened, it was over. There was so much for him to worry about his stamina, but he had to put it aside and please her.

“As you wish my love,” He pushed the head of his cock inside her and fucked her slow to maintain his steady rhythm.

The cum soaked their pudendal areas while he pummeled his cock in her. After developing a steady rhythm inside her, Ian’s hardness remained. He was able to pump Zuli in a steady rhythm, developing a sensation once again. At least, this time he would remain hard.

Zuli circled her cum-soaked fingers around her clit. His juices acted like a natural lubricant to please her – again. She moaned and howled in pleasure, while Ian’s body was glistened with sweat. Then the sweetest question came from Zuli’s mouth that nearly excited him.

“Would you like to fuck me in my ass?”

Would he? He’s done anal with her before. In fact, she loved it – a lot! He loved the feeling of her tightness wrapped around his length, giving Zuli her ultimate orgasm, while his orgasm matched hers’. It was very intimate and erotic.

He didn’t hesitate to nod. He pulled out of her. “Turn around.”

Ian was ready to give her some anal, but he knew she wasn’t completely ready. Zuli was bent over on the couch, while her legs were on the floor. Ian stoked his cock, while got in position behind her. He pushed inside her folds again, but this time he massaged the ring of her asshole with his thumb, gently working his way inside her tight hole.

Zuli continued to moan. He didn’t need any lube prepare her. For one, she loved anal so much, she had a high tolerance for the initial pain, and Ian’s cum also coated the entry of her darken star.

He slipped his thumb inside her, and there was a gasp of pleasure coming her. His continued to pump her, while Zuli slid her fingers under herself. The scene of her masturbating while he fingered her ass and fucked her looked crazy hot; it excited him more. Then finally, he gently penetrated her asshole with his thumb, until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh Ian!” She howled impatiently. “I want your cock in my ass now!”

He pulled out his cum soaked shaft. It was coated with enough lubricant to enter. He pulled his thumb out of her ass and re-positioned himself as he held his shaft. He didn’t need to look; he felt his way to her tight hole until he felt the head of his shaft pushing in.

Zuli hissed softly as he entered her. She was very tight. The head of his shaft was in her, but he had to work his way deep inside her. Once he was able to fit inside her, Ian pushed in, all the way to the hilt. Zuli, in the meantime, continued to finger herself.

“Ooo, I love the feeling your cock in my ass.” She fingered herself. “Keep fucking me until we cum together.”

They managed to work a steady rhythm together. Ian’s shaft kept going in and out of her ass, while Zuli fingered herself furiously. Zuli’s pussy was always tight, but the feeling her asshole was even tighter; his arousal was beginning to peak and so was hers’.

“Oh my god!” Zuli cried. “I’m cumming!”

Ian pumped her faster, meeting his orgasm. “Me too.”

“Oh fuck! Let’s cum together!” As she lost her moment. “Cum in my ass”

“Oh god!” Ian cried as he shoved his cock deep in her ass, bursting another load inside her. Meanwhile, Zuli bucked herself; she was hit with another wave that had her reeling with pleasure.

They howled and moaned together, filling the living room with their orgasmic noises. Once the noise died down. Zuli’s body fell limp, while Ian partially collapsed on top of her. He was still in her ass, spent, but he was waning. Their orgasm was so intense, they needed a moment to breath.

Then Ian pulled his cock out of her ass. He was flaccid, and his cum was beginning to drip down the side of her leg. The two got up together and embraced each other wildly. By the way he felt her kisses, it spoke more volumes than words.

“Zuli, I’m so glad you came over.”

“Me too Ian. Are you ready to kick the weekend off?”

“I thought we just did.”

“That’s just the beginning.” Zuli grinned. “What do you say we take a shower and order take out while we watch a movie.”

“You rented movies?” He looked at her surprisingly.

“No, I didn’t rent movies; I bought some movies…” she emphasized with her most wicked grin. “some very naughty movies.”

The two walked together away from the living and entered the bathroom to continue the start of their weekend together.

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