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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 10/15/2013: CFNM Party

Hiyadoin'? It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, where authors posts snippets 
based on their own inspired pic in 200 words.

I have been inspired to write sexual experimental story, but moreover have read a few to give me the general idea of they're talking about. For some reason, this picture might get my mind working on a five-flame CFNM story. For those who don't know what does CFNM is it means Clothed Female Nude Male. 

Kevin had never been so before in his entire life. He was lying on the table in front of ten women, who varied in ages both young and older as they watched Alison straddle on top of him as she guided his shaft inside her folds. Once he felt the tip of his cock inside Alison, the only thing in his mind was to stay calm and let Alison take over by sliding up and down on his shaft.. He didn’t want to disappoint Alison; not in front of women who had intentions to have their way with him too. Kevin happened to be the only man to participate in the Clothed Female Nude Male party; the other two men couldn’t make it tonight, and they backed out of it in the last minute.

Everything was going smooth between him and Alison, but as he looked to his left and watched the group of women giggled and snicker at them, he had a bigger problem to worry about – his self-confidence. He was going through anxieties his mind, and he knew that carrying anxieties will soften his hard-on, and if he turned flaccid inside her it was over – more to humiliation.

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  1. What a difficult predicament for Kevin. He may not have had his anxiety if the other two men showed up. I would like to see if his confidence rules or if his anxiety dominates..

  2. I really felt for Kevin. Not wanting to disappoint Alison maybe he tried too hard. I hope she understands

  3. What a sexy photo! I am glad you defined the acronym, I had no idea what CFNM meant!! I do now! I'll wager on Kevin for confidence. What a fabulous cock:) xo

  4. Love it Ray! Now I'll have to write a CFNM story! Maybe we should do one together. Wonderful tease!

    1. Molly, I'm with you on that! We'll need to connect on that.

  5. Goodness, all that pressure on the guy, I feel for him!
    Great tease, Ray :-)

  6. Wow poor Kevin, not sure to feel bad or happy, lol. I just hope he is able to hang on and keep going with all those women, I think he's going to be one sore guy in the morning. Then again, since the others dropped out all more for him. :) Great Teaser!

  7. Such insight into his thoughts brought the story deeper than simply the physical act. Nice.

  8. You have to take this one further, Ray. Will our guy be up to the task? Great take on the photo and a very fun story indeed.

  9. Great pic, excellent tease but he did he manage to keep ALL the women happy?