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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments - 10/26/2013:

Hiyadoin? It's for another segment of Saturday's AfterDark Moments where authors post their most
erotic snippet, anywhere between 100 - 500 words, provided along their inspired erotic pic.

Here's what I have in store for you.

Julie shook her head in disbelief when she looked at the party. She whispered. “Wait a minute! We’re going to entertain five men, and let them do us afterwards?” She emphasized the meaning with her hands. “Are you kidding me?”

“They’re paying us a thousand a piece!” Charlotte whispered, placing her finger over her lips when she signaled, “Will you lower your voice! Look, I need the money, and so do you. Your boyfriend doesn’t have to know, but we can’t back out of this deal.”

“How are we to entertain them?” Julie asked.

“We get naked, lie on the bed and you get to do me.”

“Do you?” She bulged her eyes. “Are you kidding me?”

Julie has never, for one, entertained a group of men, let alone have sex with more than one man, especially for money, and now she’s going to let her best friend go down on her and play with her pussy, or possibly eat her out. She wasn’t feeling this whole situation, and she knew this was wrong; despite her desperate need for money, it wasn’t worth it.

She shook her head. “Char, no! I won’t do it!”

“Julie, come on!” She pleaded. Charlotte showed a look of desperation. “If I don’t make the money, I’m going to lose the house, and you already owe money to the IRS. I spoke with Oleg; they’re all going to use condoms. I don’t like it myself, but what other choice do we have?”

“Not this…” She sighed, folding her arms. “They’re asking a lot from us for a thousand dollars.” She indicated a slight interest when she asked. “What else are they gong to do to us?”

“Um… things you’re not going to like…”

“Like what?”

“Anal and double penetration.”

Oh Christ! Julie wasn’t into anal. The last time she tried it with her boyfriend, he was too big and it hurt. It was definitely a deal breaker.

“Forget it!”

“Julie!” Charlotte placed both her hands on the side of her shoulders. She almost created a scene, but restrained herself. “Look, don’t you do this to me!”

Julie froze, and wondered if this was the right thing to do. She kept saying to herself that she wasn’t a prostitute. She knew there was no way out of it, and she needed the money to prevent the IRS from taking away her and her boyfriend’s possessions. They were in Vegas, and after all, she could lie to him, saying that she won a huge jackpot to cover it.

“I need a drink – a bottle!” She walked away. “I’ll do it!”


Both Julie and Charlotte were naked. Julie had enough shots of Vodka to take off the edge, and the thoughts of what was about to happen. She parted her legs open when she watched Charlotte’s naked body climb on top of her. She was feeling weird, but the liquor help develop her courage, while she watched the well-dressed middle-aged men, upside-down, as they watched them in delight.

Thank you for reading. Be sure to tune in for next week.


  1. It's amazing what a girl will do for the right price! Realistic piece Ray and a great picture.

  2. I liked their dialogue. The whole piece was quite entertaining and well done. Bravo!