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Friday, October 25, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/25/2013: You're Too Late.

Hey guys, hiyadoin? It's that time again... time for Flash Fiction Friday, 
where authors write a snippet in 100 words off a selected picture.

In this segment, I'm going based upon a vampire story I've wrote 10 years ago in a screenplay format.
I had to tweak it a little, since the words are over 100, and I had to shorten the description to fit within the format. However, I'm over 8 words, so forgive me.

Marvin pulled back the forestock of the 12-gauge shotgun, and blasted his way inside Noctura’s lair.

He stepped inside. He knew the risk of going in to rescue his girlfriend alone. He was expecting the worse, but he was prepared. He walked further into her lair, and noticed not just Noctura, but her lover Stanilus at her side. When his eyes moved down, his jaw dropped open when he saw his girlfriend Amber on a stone slab, with a bite mark on her neck and blood her mouth; she was sired. The sum of all his fears has happened.

“You’re too late.” Noctura gave a cold, fiery look.

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  1. Too late for what? You can't leave it there. Great flash Ray

  2. oh no. has she been converted? you left this in a tricky spot. great flash and cliff hangers all around this week

  3. Be sure to check out my continuation for Tantalizing Tuesday.

  4. Purrrfect. *shivers* mmmm I wonder what he will do to these two. And is his girlfriend really gone? I want to know more. :) great flash!!

  5. What a fabulous flash, Ray!! I absolutely LOVED this flash. Keep it going, my brother. So many directions to go in and I have only thought of 3. You are good, really good, at this, it. Give us more:) xo

  6. Haha - 'cold, fiery look' - I love a good oxymoron when it's well-used. I came back here to get the build-up for the Tuesday teaser and was instantly hooked.