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Friday, October 18, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/18/2013: Darla's Famous

What's up? It's time for another segment of Flash Fiction Friday.
Where authors post a short snippet in 100 words, based from the provided pic for the event.

“Darla, I didn’t know you modeled for this shoot.” Karla joked. “She looks a lot like you.”

Darla studied the photo who resembled her – a lot. She had long dark hair, brown eyes, and similar appearances. They were almost alike, but Darla was a little more voluptuous than the woman in the photo; the woman on the photo appeared to be much younger.

Darla shook her head. “No, she doesn’t look like me.”

“She does in some way,” Karla nodded.

They walked away from the theatre, when they were approached by an older man holding a pen and paper, asking Darla for her autograph.

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S.J. Maylee:


  1. LOL Well? Was it Darla? Loved your flash

  2. Interesting. What a creative take on the picture. I'm so curious about this mystery. Well done, Ray! :)

  3. Another very clever piece! She should sign the autograph anyway. Who wouldn't want to be mistaken for someone younger??:) xo

  4. Karla's not the only one who sees the similarities. I like that you went with of photograph versus live person. love this flash Ray.

  5. LOL, love it. Did she sign the autograph?

  6. I' would have liked to read about Darla's reaction to this man requesting her autograph. I bet Tyler would like to compare notes with the woman and Darla. lol

  7. Hm, secret boob job or just coincidence? Maybe she's a long lost sister? Great flash, certainly got me guessing!

  8. So what it really her and did she sign. Great flash

  9. They say everyone has a twin somewhere. ;-) Awesome flash! I wonder if she's hiding something. I am def curious and want to know more.