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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Erotic Story: Getting Accquainted.

On here, I posted a story on AfterDark Online, under my screen name: anarchy0029, for a safe sex story call. I am right now promoting the submission call, in hopes of others to participate, but in the meantime, have a read of this 2k short story about a man name Clive who visit's his cousin, Delilah, and gets acquainted with his cousin's friend -- April.

This story is not only entertaining but to encourage others to practice safe sex.
Our characters are immune, but us readers are not.

 HIV/AIDS is no joke... protect yourself.

Clive pulled up to the parking lot of the apartment complex and turned off the ignition. He stepped out of his small dark blue Toyota coupe, and slammed the door closed as he carried a six pack of beer to an apartment complex. As he walked up the steps, he overheard the thumping noise of music in the background; there was probably a lot of people at the party for eight o’clock in the evening. His cousin, Delilah, always threw house parties at her place; at least once every month, it goes on until they come home or the cops come over to respond to neighbor complaints.

He stopped in front of the door and thought about ringing the doorbell, but because the noise was so loud inside it was better to knock instead. Amazingly, someone opened the door. There was a young woman with an athletic build, a nice tan complexion with short brown hair. It was his cousin – Deanna. She was happy to see him.

“Oh my god! Clive, how are you?” She opened her arms to give him a hug. “I’m so glad you can make it to the party.”

“Hell yeah!” He hugged her tightly.

“Come on in, you’re early right now, but we should have more people coming over.”

Clive stepped in as his cousin closed the door behind him. The music was loud in the apartment, but nobody was there, except for a spunky-looking redhead wearing a pink nylon-knit sweater and dark-blue jeans. Who was she? She was sitting at the kitchen table drinking her Captain Morgan and Coke, smoking a cigarette. When she turned to him, she exhaled the smoke and gave the type of smile that seemed inviting.

“You remember my friend April, do you?” She introduced.

“No, we haven’t met.” He waved. “Hi April, how are you?”

“Hey.” She spoke with a soft voice, her gesture was very inviting as she returned a wave. “Nice to meet you.”

“Well, if you like, help yourself to a drink.” Delilah offered. “We were just getting the party started.”

“Cool.” He grinned. He scanned around and noticed the bottles of alcohol set on the table. Then he sensed the kind of glare coming from April. It was obvious; she had this kind of grin that made him on his toes, thinking of something clever to say, but he couldn’t.

“Wow Deanna!” She turned to Deanna. “You didn’t tell me that your cousin was a hottie!”

And yes, it was obvious! April admitted her attraction to him. All what he can do was chuckle it off, as he looked at Deanna nervously.

“Yeah, my cousin is a hottie.” She giggled along. She grabbed her purse and then her keys that hung on the wall. “Look, why don’t I leave you two to get to know each other. I’m going to be a few minutes going to the store.”

Oh crap! Clive thought. Now he was going to left alone with April, and he couldn’t think of anything interesting to talk about with her, while his cousin left to the store to get something. Could this be one of his cousin’s set-up, in hooking him up with one of her friends? As Deanna left the two alone in her apartment, Clive needed to calm his nerves down. He looked at her and studied her appearance. She was attractive -- and appetizing! He wanted to maintain eye contact, but couldn’t help staring at her nipples which poked through her nylon sweater.

“You look tense. Sit down and pour yourself a drink.” She patted the seat next to her.

Clive almost forgot there was alcohol. He really needed to loosen his nerves. In fact, he couldn’t understand why was he feeling so nervous. He’s met women before, but there was something about her that made him feel very speechless. What was it? Was it her appearance, her appetizing body, her sexy, raspy voice when she spoke, or all of the above? He hoped like hell he wouldn’t make any wrong moves, but he was into her already.

Clive reached for a plastic cup, and poured a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum in his cup. He set the bottle down, and twisted open the two-liter bottle of Coca Cola to mix it with the rum. He set the soda down and took a nice big gulp of his drink. The alcohol quickly set in his body, quickly calming his nerves down with a nice buzz. Now, he felt calm and focus to talk with April.

Think of something smart to say… something intelligent. He asked, “So, where you’re from?” Oh great… that was intelligent!

“I’m from Minnesota. I came out here to hang out with a college buddy of mine.”

“Oh cool”

Clive realized he was trying to hard to make conversation. He hated being put in an awkward position, and now he needed to bounce back with something spontaneous; otherwise his first impression will end quickly.

“Look, you want to do something?” She placed her hand on his lap as she leaned over..

Clive couldn’t help the feeling of her hand on his lap. It felt warm and sensual to get him hard under his jeans. The alcohol in his system set in nicely, and he was feeling a buzz that made him loose. “Like what?” he stammered

“I was thinking that since your cousin was going to be away, we can… do something fun.” She raised her eyebrow, giving her most wicked grin, then added, “What do you say?”

Clive’s heart raced wildly. Maybe he got the hint of what she meant, but what exactly was she trying to say? She was breaking the ice that surrounded him, but what did she have in mind?


“Um…” She pointed to the corner of the sink that meets the kitchen pantry. “maybe have a little fun at that corner over there.” Then she boldly asked. “Do you have a condom?”

A condom? Shit! Of all the times I’ve carried a condom to every party, I come to one where I don’t carry one… and it happens!

Clive felt his member throb underneath his jeans. He was determined to take her on the offer, but he had no condom. He knew this was going to be a deal-breaker if he didn’t any protection. He couldn’t let this opportunity slip by, he had only one last hope.

“No…” He shook his head. “but I can check inside Deanna’s drawer and see if she has one.”

“Well, hurry. We only have a small amount of time before more people come by.”

Clive quickly jumped out of his seat and scurried inside Deanna’s bedroom. He quickly flipped open the light switch, and pulled open on of the drawers to her dresser, searching for any kind of condoms. He pulled open the top drawer, but found nothing but cigarette packs, jewelry, and feminine products, but found nothing. He opened the middle drawer, and sorted through her lingerie, underwear, and bras – nothing! Then he pulled opened the bottom drawer and there it was a red box of condoms, which wasn’t opened. Perfect! She had a pack of condoms, but it wasn’t open. Perhaps, she wasn’t getting any herself, but he wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by him. He broke open the package, and took one condom packet with him. Then he thought he should take two, in case his condom breaks during sex.

He closed the drawer, and turned of the light switch as he exited Deanna’s bedroom. When he returned to the kitchen, he stood frozen, seeing April leaned against the counter with her pants down, showing her clean-shaven slit with a naughty smile.

“Hurry, put it on.” She moved her hand in over her slit, and started rubbing herself. “We don’t have much time.”

Clive pulled down his pants and boxers. His member was standing at full attention. He tore off the condom wrapper with his teeth, and applied it over his shaft. He watched April play with herself and she halfway closed her eyes with a look of desire, anxiously waiting for him to be inside her.

He stepped forward and kissed her. Their kiss started off with small pecks, but then turned passionate when their mouths opened to explore each other. His tongue met hers’, and they were swirling their tongues together in pure lust. He felt her fingers over his shaft. Her soft touch left him with an anticipation of what going to happen next. Then, it was finally happening! His cock managed to push inside her folds. There was a great release of tension in his body. He wanted to push inside her so deep, but the two haven’t worked out a balance. She stood a few inches shorter than him, and he was determined to bury himself inside her.

His cock slipped out of her. The two groaned at each other. It was time for Clive to take charge.

“Hold still.” He moved her against the pantry door.

“What are you doing?” She asked apprehensively.

“Just trust me. I want to get it inside you.”

He leaned back to watch his length disappear inside her. He pushed in a few times until he was able to gain sensation; April moaned as she returned a gaze of rapture of what was happening. He was able to penetrate her, but it wasn’t enough; he wanted to be all the way inside her. He then grabbed her by the legs and pinned her against the pantry door. By now, his length was deep inside her, causing April to gasp out of pleasure.

Each thrust he sent caused the pantry door to resonate loudly. They couldn’t help it, but it was loud and distracting; it didn’t stop them.

“Harder!” She uttered, cradling herself over his shoulders.

Clive pumped her hard, with the full intention of making her satisfied. He was gliding in and out of her, he could feel her wetness from every thrust he gave. He was increasing his speed, slamming his body against hers’, causing the pantry door to make a distracting noise. Her face was contorted and she was breathing in panting gasps. The harder he pounded her, the louder he moaned. April held him tighter as she screamed her pleasure in his ear. Then suddenly, Clive felt an aching sensation in his balls. He felt them tightening. At any moment he was going to cum.

Then he pinned against her hard, giving one last thrust before he grunted and came uncontrollably inside her. He slowed his thrust down as he felt his condom fill up with his juices. Once he was spent, he set April down and kissed her hungrily. He was still hard, but he could feel his cock waning down. And at any moment, his cousin Deanna would return. Clive sensed she would be back sooner than expected when he heard the door unlocking. The two quickly froze for a second, wondering if Deanna was coming back, but Clive didn’t want to chance it.

“Quick, get in the bathroom!” He warned.

April quickly grabbed her jeans on the floor, and her underwear. Clive quickly pulled out his condom, and pulled up his pants. He hoped like hell his juices didn’t spill to the floor, but he managed to discard it in the trash bin, by the pantry door. With just a knick of time, Deanna returned with a grocery bag in her hand, and Clive was straightening himself up, to make it look like nothing ever happened.

Deanna stepped in the kitchen, and set the grocery bag on the table. She looked at Clive and asked, “Where’s April?”

“In the bathroom.” Clive responded with a look like he was hiding something.

There was a toilet flush in the bathroom, and April stepped out. Deanna looked towards April, and Clive quickly noticed the condom wrapper on the floor beside his shoes. He was surprised Deanna never caught it. He bent down to pick it up and hid it inside his palm as he tried to stuff the condom wrapper in his pocket.

Then, Deanna gave a third-degree when she turned to him and asked, “What went on while I was away?”

“Nothing, we were just getting acquainted.” April responded, giving a poker-face.

“Then why are your sneakers left by the sink?”

Clive froze. He noticed a brand new pair of white sneakers beside the sink cabinet. He thought it was all over. Deanna knew what happened between them, but he didn’t expect April to come back with a clever answer.

“My feet were hurting. I hope you don’t mind if I walk around with socks on? Besides, I really like talking to your cousin.” She looked at him. “He’s really interesting.”



  1. This was a very well written quickie. They had so many onstacles facing them which had to be resolved in a hurry. I loved your story.