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Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 09/26/2013: Darla & Tyler in NY

Hey what's up? Hiyadoin? It's time for another moment of Thursday Thrills where author write a snippet, anywhere between 100 - 1000 words, based from a chosen pic. Here's what I have in store with you.

It's a very short piece about Tyler and Darla. They're in New York riding the Staten Island ferry in the morning, and it's a short romantic snippet. 


“It’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen the Statue of Liberty up close.” Tyler leaned against Darla’s backside as he wrapped his hands around her soft curves, overlooking the Statue of Liberty as the ferry passed by.

“I know.” Darla placed her hands over his’. “I’ve always wanted to ride on the ferry.”

“Really, I always thought you’ve been on the ferry, even once.”

Darla scoffed. “Shit, my ex-husband thought it was a waste of time. He never took me places, unless it was his so-called rich friends in the city.” She sighed. “I’m so glad I found you.”

“Me too.” He turned her to him. “We have another three more days in the city. Let’s enjoy it wisely.”

Darla smiled and before she kissed him.  

Thank you for reading, see you in three weeks for our next Thursday Thrill.

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