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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 09/19/2013: 20 Years Later

Welcome to Thursday Thrills, where authors post snippets inspired by the picture posted for the even,
in words between 100 - 1000 words.

In this piece, this is something I feel I should post -- a story about tolerance.

It was a cool September evening for Eden and Miles. They just finished eating together at a diner on Sixth Avenue, and walked a block east to Fifth Avenue, along Eighth Street. When they approached the end of Fifth Avenue, they crossed street and entered the park, crossing underneath the very illuminated Washington Arch, where there were people crossing by, or hanging around playing hackey-sack or skateboarding around the arch.

The evening was pretty breezy. Both Miles and Eden were dressed appropriately for the cooler weather. It might have been September, but the night time lows were a little bit chilly. But for some reason, the two weren’t as cold together as they held hands under the arch.

Miles looked into the blonde beauty of Eden. She had such golden blonde hair and green eyes that glowed beautifully from lighting. She also had such an afterglow every time she smiled, in a bright red lipstick. She smelled of beauty; a sweet smell of inspiration and comfort. Miles was happy to look into her eyes once again. It was twenty years ago, in 1993, when he met Eden. They were from two different world apart, but perfect for each other. They met at the very location, but the Washington Arch was fenced off at that time, in the summer, when they were trying to dodge a torrential rainstorm. They’ve spent the entire time talking, getting to know each other, until the rain stopped, but for some reason they continued to talk until the police came telling them the park was closed.

Miles didn’t get the approval of Eden’s parents, mainly because his skin was black, and the neighborhood he grew up in was Bedford-Stuyvesant, while Eden grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He was a hard-working man, who went to college, worked, and paid his dues to work for a film production company.  But despite his successes, Eden’s parents didn’t approve of him. Luckily her brother did, and it was sad for Eden that her parents wouldn’t come to their wedding. Only her brother, Jeff was there for Eden and Miles, and instead of a traditional wedding, they wed in Lower Manhattan, at the Municipal Building.

Miles smiled at her. “After all these years, you still look beautiful.”

“And you’re my sexy man.” She grinned, as she leaned closer to kiss him. “It was right here when we first met.”

“Yeah, it was that rainstorm that brought us together.” He heard a notification sound from Eden’s phone. “I hope it’s your brother.”

“He’s supposed to be here with his date.”

“Well he better hurry up.” He shivered. “It’s getting a little chilly here.”

Eden turned to her right and recognized his brother holding hands with someone as they approached the arch. “He’s here, and look, he’s brought his date along.”

Miles turned to his right and saw Jeff holding hands with a well-dressed black man, almost about his height. It’s a shame that Eden’s parents weren't accepting of their interracial relationship, but he wondered how her parents reacted when their only son was gay, and with a black man?

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  1. There is no need for tolerance, as far as I'm concerned. Both Eden and her brother have found the partners they love. I can only accept this as normal. A very moving story, finding Eden and Miles still happy and in love. I hope her brother finds happiness and the same love her sister and Miles. Excellent Thrill. Just a few typos or letters left out of words.