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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 09/12/2013: One Week In 1997

Hi, welcome to another segment of Thursday Thrills, where authors post their snippets, inspired by the picture selected between 100 - 1000 words.

In this piece. I've devised a rough copy of the story. And yes, this week is all about 9/11, but no tragedies here. I've moved on, and I'm sure the world has too. 

The name of the story, which is not official is "One Week In 1997", inspired by most favorable year, but the story is purely fictional. I hope you enjoy.

She was the most beautiful woman Corey’s ever been with. Tina Ann was a beautiful dark-haired brunette with delicious brown eyes that etched in his memory, as she wore beautiful black sweater that showed out her wonderful figure. She was no ordinary woman he thought she was. She was the kind of woman that enjoyed life, taking these little trips to places just to take pictures of New York City.

Tina was so mysterious, yet sensual and inviting. There was something deeply that attracted Corey to her. Maybe it was a curiosity of her age; she was wonderful twenty eight year old, eight years older than him, and she saw life much differently than everyone else – so spontaneous. Today, they decided to go on top of the Empire State Building’s Observatory Deck to take shots of the New York City Skyline. He watched her hold her 35 millimeter camera as she clicked away the beauty of the New York Skyline.

Corey has seen it dozens of times before, on the local news, and perhaps on other television shows – the rest of New York City, New Jersey, The New York Harbor, The Verrazano Bridge, Staten Island, and beyond – the Atlantic Ocean. It was a beautiful sight to remember, especially with Tina. He’d only hung out with her for a couple of days, and grown attached to her as if they were a couple meant to be, but they weren’t. She convinced him to hang out with her for a week; just one week, before she left for Los Angeles.

Corey didn’t want her to leave, but he couldn’t stop her. So far, it’s feeling like the best week ever in his life and he didn’t want it to end. When she left New York, he was left with a sense of hope to see things differently like her about life. Corey has remained that way since. But whatever happened to Tina Ann? The last time they were together was in November 2, 1997. Tina Ann caught her flight the next morning after, but never remained in touch afterwards. He was somewhat heartbroken; he was in love with her, and he saw it in her eyes too. She left for Los Angeles to work for a film production company.

What had she been up to now, he wondered? Ever since, he’d tried finding women that fit the exact description of Tina Ann, but none met the likes of her… none. Sixteen years after she left, he’s been searching for her. Then again, she probably wouldn’t look the same as she did in 1997. She had neck-length dark hair, and wore a lot of dark clothes. He’d seen her fully-naked dozens of times, in her apartment in Queens, whenever they made love. He even thought of one day naming his daughter, if he had one, Tina Ann; in remembrance of her. Corey will never forget that October night, in 1997, when she offered to have him at her booth while waiting to be served.

Much has passed since, and now here he was, on top of the Empire State Building, this time looking at a much different New York Skyline. Every October, he goes up there to reminisce about his time with Tina Ann, but today was really different. He noticed a woman, with beautiful dark hair, this time long and layered down. Her hair was blown from the sweet October breeze. She was holding a digital 35 millimeter camera, taking the pictures of the new New York Skyline.

Could it really be her? He paused, in hopes of getting a better glimpse of her. Could it really be Tina Ann?

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  1. I hope it is Tina Ann taking pictures again. With more detail concerning their relationship and fast-forwarding ahead, this would be a very good story. I realize this is a rough draft but beware of the word "that" following a person. It should be "who".