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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 09/24/2013: Unexpected Happening

Hey what's up? Hiyadoin? I'm back! Here with a Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser, where authors provide
you with one of the most naughtiest snippets ever, up to 200 words with an inspired picture provided.

Here's what I have for you:

It's time to get straight-up fuckin' naughty! I'm working on a short story which will be published fully on AfterDark Online. It's gonna be a masturbator, lol! 

I think the picture will speak for itself. (NSFW)

“Harder!” Zuli said. “Fuck me harder!”

Ian pounded her furiously. His cock was deep inside her pussy, until he felt the need to stop. His balls were tensing and a sweet aching sensation was beginning to build. He had to stop and pull out of her.

“Baby, what you’re doing.” She wasn’t expecting him to stop.

Ian held his cock in his hand and tried hard not to cum. Zuli’s pussy was so sensational, even the thought of it caused his cock to swell. He panted and tried to hold back, but it was too late – his cum pumped out of his cock and poured in hot thick spurts all over her clean-shaven pussy. The first stream shot hard across her pudendal area, while the rest of his thick stickiness covered her entire labia.

He was really relieved, but realized he came too prematurely. He was only side her for a short time, and felt like a two-pump-chump. Ian noticed her expression, and knew she was really disappointed, but she never criticized; she dabbed her finger on her pussy to scoop up his cum and tasted it. She raised her eyebrow with a naughty and then said, “I want you to fuck me… again.”

Thank you everyone for reading it. I hope you enjoyed! 
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Molly Synthia:


  1. Hot pic and even hotter tease. Loved it

  2. Does he have the stamina to fuck her again? She obviously felt left out of his pleasure and is more excited thaty he has come. Very spicy teaser.

  3. Very cute tease! I respect a woman who doesn't criticize.

  4. *fans face* mmmm nice and hot and spicy. :) yummm ;-)

  5. Now THAT is indeed a tasty teaser! That was a scorcher, Ray! I loved it::) xo

  6. I have to say Ray, the picture did surprise me, being such an innocent girl and all ;-) However, your teaser was spot on. I really felt Ian's pain. two-pump-chump...I lmao! Great tease. xx

  7. 'Two-pump chump' - never heard that phrase before, so thanks for the education, Ray. Great to see you in such a straight up filthy mood this week.