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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 09/10/2013

Welcome to another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, where authors provide a snippet in 200 words, along with a provided pic inspired by the author, but we always keep it erotic.

Darla laid in bed, fully naked, wearing nothing but fishnet stocking on and a glittered choker, watching him hold a mascara pen as he wrote something on her beautiful thigh. Darla watched Tyler draw some simple markings in between the nets of her stockings. She wondered what he was doing; it felt really sensual, making her nipples harden with full desire.

Tyler what are you doing?” She asked as she watched him draw on her thigh.

“Playing tic-tac-toe.” He continued to write on her thigh.

She grinned. “Who’s winning?”

“The O’s.”

“That sucks. I was rooting for the X’s” She frowned.

“Darla, I was going to make nine boxes of X’s and O’s. I was going to go on and on… and on.”

“Keep doing it.” She rested her head back. “I really love the feeling of it.”

Tyler kept on drawing on her thigh, writing down X’s and O’s. Darla couldn’t help feel the delicious ache building again, even though they had sex just moments ago. She was feeling turned on with the feeling of Tyler writing on her thigh. She wanted to close her eyes and let Tyler make all the markings on her body, probably go on until it made her sleepy with a sense of bliss.

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  1. Very sensual, Ray.....but I cannot imagine her going to sleep: au contraire, mon petit chou. The sheer repitition felt like sex......good job, Ray:) xo

  2. Sounds like a fun game Ray. Great tease

  3. Mmmm, the feel of a lover drawing on your skin. It's such a sensual feeling. Fantastic teaser, Ray!

  4. Darla was feeling the xox of kisses touching her skin. Very sensual and believable.

  5. Damn Ray I really loved the way you wrote this and turned something as simple as tic-tac-toe into the precursor of some heated passion.

  6. I LOVE the picture and the snippet goes so well. I think I might just buy a pair of fish nets just for a game of noughts and crosses now. xx

  7. Did you invent that game, Ray? I think I need to start playing it with the right partner. Great and original fishnet-based tease.