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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Author Ray Sostre's Birthday Giveaway...

Yes, toady is Ray Sostre's birthday, and he's feeling really generous today, giving away all of his self-published books on Smashwords and Amazon; for one day only.

Drop by and get your free copies of:

Please keep in mind, to use the coupon code, you have click on the purchase link, but make sure you use the coupon code to get it for free.

Forgetting About What Happened.

Coupon for Smashwords: RR74J

To Get With Stephanie

Coupon Code for Smashwords: VU58A
For Kindle Users: To Get With Stephanie

Her Angela & Protection: Book One

Coupon Code for Smashwords: NQ92Q

Love Out Of Lust Part One is a FREE. Be sure to download your copy in order to understand Part Two.

Love Out Of Lust Part One & Two

Coupon Code for Smashwords: SH27Z
For Kindle Users: Love Out Of Lust Part Two

While he's showing love on his b'day, please be sure to leave a comment and wish him a happy b'day.


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