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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 08/15/2013: Their Last Night in Halifax

Hey what's up? This is going to be the final segment of Thursdays Thrill for at least a few more weeks, until September, since I've noticed a low participation of supporters. We will have it resumed by next month, once everyone is settled. 

In this segment, Darla and Tyler spend their final night in her hometown, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and she receives a tip from her ex-husband's former business partner, about a long lost locket that was taken from her when she filed for a divorce years ago. The locket to Darla has a sentimental value, and she wasn't going to stop at nothing to get it.

It was their last night together in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Darla had shown Tyler her hometown, and they were heading back to Portland, Oregon on a long flight. Tyler was the only one who was able to survive her overly-critical mother and her over-protective little brother. Amazingly, in the end, her family liked him very much, and they realized how happy Darla was with him. She was a woman in her mid thirties; she didn’t need their permission or approval who to be with. They’ve come to terms, realizing Darla was her own woman, especially her father, whom she truly admired. She was relieved that her father took a liking to him instantly.

As they returned to Halifax, crossing the MacDonald Bridge, Darla mentioned to Tyler that she wanted to show him a place she used to hang out when she was in high school, hanging out with her girlfriends to meet the cute, older men that prowled the area. She parked the rental car a few blocks away, and led him into an artsy, plaza-like area, at three o’clock in the morning. The buildings were made of pure stone; sometime in the nineteenth century, but everything’s been modernized.

Tyler looked around, wondering what was so important for her to show him something at three o’clock in the morning? All of the businesses were closed. “Okay, what was it that you wanted to show me?”

Darla, carefully looking around to see if anyone was in the plaza. “Nothing, let’s have a seat together.”

He stood in front of bench and sat down. He looked around, and noticed no one was around. Of course, he knew Darla was up to something; something mischievous, but what? “What’s up Darla?”

She next to him, placing her hand on his lap while caressing the fabric of his jeans. “Tyler, it’s our last night together in my hometown, and I was thinking of making this night the most memorable ever in Halifax.”

He gave a look of apprehension, but knew what she meant. “Darla, we’re right in the public.’ He gave a scowled expression, “Are you kidding me?”

She laughed. “Oh god, of course not!” She placed her hand on top of his, curling her fingers into his. She led him away from the bench. “We’re going inside.”

“Wait… wait a minute?” He protested; his voice sounded disbelieving. “We’re breaking in?”

She placed her finger over her lips, signaling to be quiet, whispering, “Shh, not so loud! There are people that live upstairs.” Her other hand went inside her coat pockets, and pulled out a key. “No, I have a key to this place.”

Tyler gritted his teeth, realizing what kind of trouble they were getting into; breaking and entering. He’s not from Canada, but of course he knew it’s still considered a crime. Darla stopped underneath a red awning to a storefront and unlocked the door. She entered and held the door open for him. The alarm began to set off in a soft, beeping noise.

“Come on,” she whispered. “I only have less than thirty seconds.”

Tyler reluctantly stepped inside closed the door behind him, while he watched Darla disable the security alarm. He responded uncomfortably, “This is a bad idea.”

Darla managed to disable the alarm, and illuminated her cell phone to get around the darkness. “No, it’s not. I’m only here for one thing, and that’s to get what belongs to me.”

“What’s that?” He shook his head. “And who’s place is this?”

“My ex-husband’s branch.” She walked toward a safe, sitting across from the desk and began to work the combination. “I had this locket that was with me when I was young. It was my grandmother’s locket, given to me. When I divorced the bastard, he hid it from me, and I came here to get what was mine.”

“How did you know it was here?” Tyler looked outside.

“His former partner told me. I didn’t think he was stupid enough to put it right under my nose.”

“Wouldn’t you think it’d be too easy?” Tyler looked out the window nervously.

“No” She unlocked the combination safe, and opened it, taking out a golden locket. It was vintage looking. Darla managed to open the locket, but only looked at it a brief second. “He’s taking the bastard to court for a lawsuit.”

“I swear, you are very complicated.”

“But you love me, of course.” She blew a kiss, closing the safe. “Anyways, let’s go.”

“Umm… not yet!” His eyes widened at what he saw. “I see cops.”

“Cops?” Maybe she was being set up. “Shit, hide!”

Tyler worked his way through the darkness to hide with Darla behind the desk. They got a glimpse of the cops walking on by. The police officers that patrolled the plaza, never suspected them inside.

“I swear,” He whispered frantically, “if we get out of here, I’m going to give you an earful.”

“No you’re not, because when we get out of here, you’ll need a good fucking to calm your nerves down.” She giggled.

“You think this is sort of a joke?” Tyler looked at her oddly.

She giggled softly. “No, I’m being serious. Just for the thrill of getting what I want and being horny, I want you right now.”

Thanks, tune in for September 5, 2013 for our next segment of Thursday Thrills.


  1. I had the same idea as Darla whn I wrote my thrill, but mine was outside. Love the story of the locket and suspense with the police.

  2. Loved it! She should have cleaned out the entire safe! LOL!