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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 08/08/2013 - Tyler's Celebration.

Hiyadoin'? It's time for another segment of Thursday Thrills, where authors showcase their snippets, anywhere between 100 - 1000 words.

In this segment. I'm posting a snippet about Tyler celebrating his promotion. And what better way to celebrate it with a Steak and Lobster Dinner.

Darla came home with an exhausting feeling like she just wanted to go to sleep. She had to deal with the worst bitch from hell, Casey – the new assistant manager of Estella’s. She was really hopeful that her friend Lisa would get the position, but unfortunately, she had to deal with someone who couldn’t tell from right to left, yet, enjoy belittling people in a subtle way because she felt she needed to be right.

She began to unwind, by taking off her long coat, and hanging it over a wall hook by the coat closet. She looked out the window of the living room and saw a very romantic dinner that made her smile with joy. There were things that made her thankful to have someone in her life – Tyler. He took a personal day off to help his friend Sully and his girlfriend move to a new place, but somehow, he managed to cook a romantic steak and lobster dinner in between. What a guy!

She walked out into the balcony, where he had a table, covered in a white cloth, neatly placed, and a large plate of a small sirloin steak and a whole lobster, along with a cheddar baked potato, filling with garnishes. Set aside were some additional condiments, salt and pepper, and a large glass of red wine, probably her favorite – Cabernet Sauvignon.

She gave a soft smile to Tyler, “Oh Tyler, you’re so sweet.”

Tyler ignited the barbecue lighter and lit a small candle for her. “Welcome home Darla. How was your day?”

“Oh, it was a day from hell.” She rolled her eyes, sitting down. “I hate the new assistant manager we have. She’s a real bitch!”

“Oh, she is… and miserable.” He extended his hand, offering her to sit. “Sit down. You were just in time when I brought out the lobster.”

“Mmmm…. yum!” She looked at her plate. She was surprised at the size of the lobster; so succulent. She picked up her glass of wine, and took a sip. “Tyler, thank you so much for making this wonderful dinner.” She set the wine glass down. “Mind if I ask what’s the special occasion?”

He sat down and picked up his utensils, slicing his steak, while giving a straight look. “Nothing, I just wanted to enjoy a wonderful evening with you.”

“Come on,” She gave a look, instantly picking up that there was something he was hiding. “Tyler, you’re hiding something.” She gave a stare of a third degree look. “What happened Tyler?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head. “Unless, you want to say hi to the new department head of menswear.”

“Really?” She raised her eyes. “Wow, congratulations! But what about Bruce, where’s he going?”
“He’s going to be the new Assistant Manager. He’s taking over Casey’s job, as I heard she’s taking a demotion.”

She laughed. “Oh my god! That’s something worth celebrating. When do you start your position?”

“Next week.” He reached for his glass and took a sip. “Are you hungry Darla?”

She nodded her head, giggling, “Oh yes I am.” Then she wondered. “Why is Casey taking a demotion?”

“Because of her attitude. And the general manager didn’t like her that much.”

She scoffed, “I don’t think she was liked at all.” She reached for her steak knife and fork, and started cutting up her steak. “Congratulations honey. I’m surprised this is how you want to celebrate. Just one question, how could you afford us two lobsters?”

“I got a nice raise. So I decided to splurge a little.” He bit into his steak. “A two dollar raise.”

“Really?” Her eyes twinkled with approval. “Way to go!”

“I know. And now it’s time to celebrate.”

“You know, I was thinking of celebrating later with dessert.”

“Oh, I already made dessert – tiramisu.”

“You go ahead with the tiramisu. I was thinking of whipping a dessert of my own.” She grinned wicked.

He grinned back. “That sounds yummy!”

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for next week's segement.

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  1. Tyler knows how to celebrate his promotion with style. He also treats Darla to a romantic evening. Oh how I wish that happened in my life. lol.