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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moment - 08/24/2013: Love Out Of Lust Part Two

One of my favorite moments to write about again.
Saturday's AfterDark Moments.

I'm going to give you a reason as to why you should get your copy of Love Out Of Lust Part Two.

Because I will guarantee that Part Three will be hotter and romantic, also when you read this scene, you'll want to read the whole story.

Better grab your toy... enjoy!

She watched as he kissed his way down past her breasts, past her tummy, slow and sensual, all the way down.  He was going to eat her pussy. Just watching Daryl had her skin filled with goosebumps.  Her heart was beating quickly. Could she control herself?
At first, the sensations felt good but then started to intensify. When she lost her virginity to her boyfriend in high school, he never went down on her – never! Daryl wasn’t hesitant; he dove in and hit the right spot, keeping her on the edge. The sensation of his tongue along her clit had her caressing her breasts. She was breathing heavier. Her moans were becoming louder and more erotic. She had wondered what someone going down on her felt like. She’d read about it in her trashy erotic stories on her Kindle, and wondered if what the character described feeling was overrated. She never thought it would be this intense; her hips bucked wildly.  Suddenly she felt Daryl’s hands grabbing her legs.
“You are so delicious,” Daryl mumbled as he worked on her wanton center.
Marisol barely spoke, “Oh god, keep going!” She whimpered as her inner muscles contracted and the feelings overtook her. She was about to have that moment, and she couldn’t control it.
She placed her hand at the back of his head and grinded into his face. Marisol closed her eyes and cried out, “Oh shit! Fuck!” She released a moan probably loud enough for her neighbors to hear. Her body writhed as she rolled her head from side to side. Never before had she felt her body tremble from an orgasm that powerful. She wondered; was she dreaming?
Marisol laid there dazed and content, until reality set in. Her best friend and roommate had done something she’d never experienced before…he’d eaten her out and had given her the best orgasm ever. It felt so good she almost forgot she needed to be fucked.
“Daryl, put it in me!” she begged.

Thank you for reading it. I hope you enjoyed. I'm sure you did! EWG. Be sure you check out my people's below.


  1. "Her body writhed as she rolled her head from side to side. Never before had she felt her body tremble from an orgasm that powerful. She wondered; was she dreaming?" In this paragraph you captured her emotions explicitly. Your well paced flow of words kept me right beside her and feeling what she felt. Well done..

  2. Hey thanks... I wanted to use as much arousal in this story as I could.

  3. Awesome post...and sexy picture to go with it!

  4. Red hot Ray and excellently written with perfect description