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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Overslept Today.

Today, I woke up pretty late today. It's the price of working nights and needing sleep. Well, yesterday, I found out a great collegue of mine was unjustly fired. She's a great friend and colleague that help change the game of getting rid of a stripper-environment, and keeping it club-like. I don't like the politics, but it's okay, I can live with it.

I will miss my colleague at work, and I want to wish her the best of luck wherever she goes, because she's really unique, and irreplaceable.

Anyways, it's a good thing I have gotten some articles uploaded in queue for AfterDark Online. I have a great partner n' cryme as far as helping get things done. I'm also grateful of Author Tonya Kinzer for letting host a giveaway - The Boss's Pet Giveaway.

Be sure you check out my article - The Joy Of Summer Drinks and Reading Erotica. It'll premiere tomorrow.

I'll also post it here on The AfterDark World.

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