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Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Saturday AfterDark Moment for 08/10/2013

I miss being on Saturday AfterDark Moments. Have i got a piece for you to enjoy it in 423 words!

Rick walked in and undid his tie. He had a long day, and was glad to come home to where he could unwind and relax his mind. Not to forget that he had a beautiful wife at home Claudia. She was a spunky, wild one that would make his misery erase into pleasure.

“Honey, are you home?” Claudia called out from the background.

“Yes, I made it.” Rick took off his sport jacket, kicking off his shoes. He was ready to sit on the couch and wind down, but Claudia called him over.

“Come over to the bedroom, honey. I have something to show you.”

This wasn’t normally her, unless she was in a naughty mood. Claudia, on a normal day, would normally come out of the kitchen or bedroom. On occasions, they would dine out on the balcony, enjoying the view of the Los Angeles skyline, but whenever she felt naughty, she would call him from another room, usually for some hot sex in the bedroom. To Rick’s thought, what kind of lingerie was she wearing?

He walked down to the end of the hallway, and entered the bedroom. Once there, he noticed his beautiful wife, the blonde with shoulder-length hair, completely naked, caressing the face of another brunette that was on her knees – it was his next door neighbor Delia. She too was naked, and the scene he was witnessing was erotic enough to turn him on.

“You remember Delia. Don’t you?” Claudia looked up to reveal her beautiful blue eyes at him.

Delia. The beautiful Brazilian woman that lived below them that once complained about them having loud, passionate sex. Now she was there, in his bedroom to join Rick and Claudia for a simple threesome. Rick knew his wife was into women, but she had a difficult time to find someone that she trusted. Delia recently moved from Brazil, and soon got along with Claudia, which they had something in common – they were both from South America. Claudia, however, was from Columbia.

Delia was absolutely beautiful. Nice, dark, long-layered hair that extended down her back, beautiful bronze skin, and a lovely accent that matched her voice. She turned to Rick and smiled, saying, “Hi Rick. We’re so glad that you’re home.”

Claudia gave her most sweetest look. “We were thinking of having her spend the night here with us. Is that alright with you, honey?”

Rick stood there and watched the two display affection between each other. Just standing by the door alone, was enough to keep him aroused. 

That is all for now... stay tuned for next week's Saturday AfterDark Moments.

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  1. Rick will be delighted with Claudia's naughtiness, inviting him to play with her and Delia. What a way to unwind!