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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finished Part Two of the Love Out Of Lust Series

Well, yesterday, I finished Part Two of my series Love Out Of Lust; the sequel to Part One. Where the story ended that Daryl and Marisol have sex for the first time, but she displayed some form of guilt afterwards and hurried to bed, leaving Daryl wondering if he ruined their friendship over a moment of weakness.

Part Two of Love Out Of Lust is about when Daryl and Marisol talked about what happened the night before, she decides this was going to be a one-time thing, but her desire for Daryl was more lustful than she thought. She couldn't keep it as a one-time thing. The foreplay begins in the shower, and then it ends up in the bedroom, where she makes the decision of how she wants this relationship. She tells Daryl she wants to remain friends, along with the sexual benefits for each other.

I decided to make this sex scene so hot, I'm hoping like hell it'll have you masturbating when you're done.

I will provide a blurb for next week, but in case you have read the first part of the story, you're welcome to download it on Smashwords for FREE

Marisol came home with a broken heart, and the last straw from her ex-boyfriend. She talked to her roommate and her childhood friend Daryl about her problem, which leads to a more erotic conversation and a moment of weakness.

Was it meant to be between them?

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