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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Erotic Poem - An Orgasmic Moment

Okay, first off, I'm not a poet by nature. However, I'm very fond of reading poetry, especially when the poems are erotic. Although, since I've been on a roll, I've been coming out with things I couldn't believe. I'm finally coming out with one that can be found on AfterDark Online for Daily Submission Calls.

Here is a taste, and enjoy the name of the poem: An Orgasmic Moment.  Enjoy!

It’s happening…
Those sweet 20 seconds are coming
That connection
The wave of pleasure
Five seconds ago you screamed, begged, pleaded
Cum Inside Me…
Those heavy words carried far.
Oh it’ll lust anyone’s mind.
Close your eyes
Savor the passion
Think of him…
Think of him…
Feel his heat… his pain… his passion.
Hear him scream your name.
Scream hard
Scream out his name.
You feel the first pulsation
Then his first spurt
Hitting the sensitive walls inside you
Leaving you to cry in pleasure
Then you feel the second spurt
Causing your mind to lose control
You almost forgot where you are
But the third spurt caused you to forget yourself
Your surroundings
Your nipples are beyond hard.
Your body accepted his orgasm.
Now you’re in climax
Lost in your moment
Uncontrollable pleasure
He hits your walls with his hot nectar, until spent.
And then you feel it stopping, but he’s hard in you.
You display enthusiasm.
Your body glistened with sweat.
His body glistened in sweat.
You catch your first breath, only to collapse on him.
Then you say to him… You’re so wonderful!
Then those lustful thought in your mind says

If only his member kept pulsating.

1 comment:

  1. Very well done and I Ioved it. You should go over your verb tenses though. Do you want it in the present or past? You wrote your poem in both.