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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Erotic Story - Beachside Masturbation

I want to provide a very saucy, steamy erotic story that should have you masturbate about something this good, hopefully. If not, I want you to enjoy. Please be sure you're not reading this at work.

It was a nice, breezy September Sunday afternoon where Vander and Liz hopped out of their small blue sedan, and walked along the beach dunes to where they were able to find a wonderful spot to lay their beach blanket down on the sand, and hear the wonderful tranquil waves as it crashed on shore. The couple had spent the entire weekend in their beach home somewhere off the coast of Delaware, and they were returning back to New York by nightfall. The weather was perfectly nice; not too hot and not too humid, just perfect beach weather to enjoy; high around the mid-seventies.

Vander suggested a wonderful spot for them, behind the dunes where they can seclude themselves from being seen in public. Amazingly, it was a perfect location for them. And most importantly, there was no one around to actually see them. Liz set the large, colorful beach towel on the sand, and kicked off her sneakers, at the same time, taking off her gray-hooded sweater.

Vander set a small black pouch bag on the sand, and took off his sneakers, kicking them off to the side, while he watched Liz lift up her shirt, to reveal her soft, beautiful breast. Vander had seen her beautiful naked body before, and every time he watched her take off her shirt to see her breasts bounce in the process, he was suddenly turned on by watching them. It was like she did a wonderful strip tease in a closed-environment, except they were outside in the open. Either way, he enjoyed the way her tits bounced every time she lifted up her shirt. Liz was a beautiful woman with a nice, voluptuous figure. She always worried about her figure, complaining about being fat, but Vander loved her size; no matter what. She was perfect for him. What was more amazing, she was into being an exhibitionist like him, having sex in open-public places, where they could be seen by passer-byers or the cops, but it was thrill of doing these things together. This was the purpose of them coming out to the beach, to have sex in an open-area where they knew they can get away with it.

He watched Liz tie up her reddish-brown hair while he unzipped his jean shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and since they were both exhibitionist they agreed to go commando, in order to make their sexual adventures easy. They came out with a bucket-list of things where they wanted to have sex, from the rooftop of an apartment building to a public square event in Delaware; even as far as having sex in Liz’s parents’ living room, in the morning just before they woke up. So far, they’ve fulfilled everything they desired, except having sex in the beach in broad daylight. Both were willing to risk being caught, but most importantly it was the thrill between them that brought them together in the first place. When Vander met Liz, it was at his friend’s house party in Manhattan, where he met Liz and decided to go up on the rooftop for a quick fuck.

Now, one year later, they’re together fulfilling their long dreamed desires, and nothing’s changed between them whenever they go out having sex in public places. Vander held on to his semi-hard cock, gently stroking it while he watched her unzip her jean shorts, pulling them down to show him her clean-shaven pussy. Once her jean shorts hit the ground, he was already hard for her, anxiously waiting to the moment to happen, but they normally don’t go straight to having sex. Both Vander and Liz have a thing about masturbating together. Liz had a huge thing about watching him stroke his cock, before slipping it inside her. She even turned on more of his cum spurting all over her body, which usually causes her to orgasm when she masturbates.

She sat on the beach towel, and put on a pair of shades. The sun was awfully bright, bright enough to irritate her, no matter how much he overshadowed her face from the sun with his body. She needed the pair of shades on.

Vander pulled off his shirt, and dropped along with his clothes. He got down on his knees and started stroking his member, while he watched Liz lie down on her back and slide fingers over her tummy and slit. There was absolute silence, except for the noises of the waves crashing on shore and Liz’s soft, sensual moans. Her soft moaning was what kept him tantalized all though the time.

He closed his eyes, imagining his cock being buried deep inside her pussy. He enjoyed hearing Liz uttering out her most erotic sounds of herself masturbating, but he wanted to match up with the same sensation as hers’. The problem was his stokes were dry, causing his concentration to cum to dissipate because of the dry sensation. He was able to keep his cock hard, but he needed that particular feeling to have him cumming all over her body. Then he realized that he forgot to apply some lubricant all over his cock.

He stopped stroking, and reached for the black small pouch bag for the lubricant. He flipped the top of the bottle open and poured a decent amount of lube in his palm. He rubbed the lubricant all over his shaft, until his cock stiffen with the pure sensation.

He stroked his shaft slowly while he looked down and watched Liz rub her clit furiously. She was deep into her passions, and he loved the way she touched herself, squeezing her breasts firmly as she sunk her index and middle fingers in and out of her pussy. She began building up a sensation on herself, slowly turning her head from one side to another. Vander concentrated on watching her fingers all over her wanton center, slipping in and out, applying her own juices all over her clit to intensify her orgasm. He studied her moans slowly; her orgasm was rising, but not fully there yet.

By now, his cock was pointing up at full attention. The slickness of the lubricant under his shaft had him bucking his hips, thinking how bad he wanted to cum all over her voluptuous body. He stroked his cock slowly, patiently waiting for the right moment to cum all over her. He was watching the way her body reacted, and when the time was rights it was his queue to cum all over her body.

Liz always told him how much she enjoyed the feeling of his cum on her body whenever he spewed. He remembered her explaining how thick and warm his cum was, and it was enough for her to play with it all over her body, sometimes, if she didn’t cum at the same time like he did she would masturbate herself more with it. She told him his cum was better than just the lubricant itself.

Vander watched her fingers rub her clit in furious circles. She was almost there, and he felt the need for him to meet her orgasm as well. He stroked his shaft with a little more speed, but restraint until he knew she was about to cum. He moved in a little closer, between her parted legs in order to cum all over her body.

Liz continued to rub. Her breathing grew intense; enough to make him stoke his shaft furiously until he felt an aching sensation under his balls. He wanted to hold off his cum, but he couldn’t help the uncontrollable spasms that was about to unleash, let alone Liz’s moans. He let off a soft growl, hovering his body over hers’, stroking his shaft rapidly until he felt the first wave of cum oozing

The first jet of cum leapt out of his cock, landing all over her stomach in uncontrollable spurts. And then, he heard Liz’s orgasm. She was lost in her moment, writhing her body uncontrollably while letting out her most erotic sounds ever. Meanwhile, Vander continued to cum all over her pussy, stomach, and then all over her fingers. He too was so lost in his moment, he closed his eyes uttering out his pleasure. Most importantly, he loved the way Liz sounded when she orgasm; it was something he’d always looked forward to hear.

Once he was spent, he looked at her body to survey how much he came and where his cum had landed. He noticed her stomach and pussy was painted from his cum. Yet, she was also enjoying the feeling of his cum, slowly wiping his cum all over her body, as if it was a body lotion, while complimenting how warm and thick his cum was.

Vander prided himself of how much he managed to make her cum, and how much she enjoyed his cum all over body. Of course, their moment together wasn’t over, but Vander needed some more time to rebuild his stamina for another round; this time having actual sex on the beach.

He leaned over and kissed her. Soon, their mouths opened together, letting their tongues touch together, swirling around them uncontrollably. Vander always knew when Liz enjoyed it, by the way she swirled her tongue with his. He felt her hand on his cock, slowly rubbing it, with an indication of him to get hard again. All what Vander needed was the right touch and sensation; a little bit of enticement he’ll need for round two of sex.



  1. Great little story Ray. Very hot and well written

  2. great story, i would love to do this with my wife and i would lick my cum so we could taste it together