Love Out Of Lust Series

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Thrills 07/18/2013

Hiyadoin? It's time for another segment of Thursday Thrills, where authors post a snippet anywhere between 100 - 1000 words. 

And it's time for another segment of Darla & Tyler.

Tyler awoke in the abandoned lighthouse, where he watched the sky brighten, and the sunrise, slowly over the horizon. It was a beautiful morning, and he looked at Darla, realizing how beautiful she was. She was resting comfortably in her sleeper, naked. Tyler remembered very well what happened; they went on a road trip, parked away from shore, bringing a pint of vodka and orange juice, along with their sleepers for a romantic adventure inside the lighthouse. Of course they brought a kerosene lamp with them, in order to stay warm in the lighthouse tower. Their intention was to camp outside of the lighthouse, and wait for the sunrise, but build up of the fog and the chill had them camping inside.

Tyler remembered the night they’ve spent together; in the lighthouse drinking and making out like they were teenagers in their parents’ basement. Then they took of their clothes and made love under the amber-lit room from the kerosene. They couldn’t recall how long they stayed up for; it didn’t matter to them. They recalled it was their most memorable getaways in a long time.

He sat up and watch Darla’s chest rise and fall in her sleep. She was so sound asleep, she didn’t know Tyler was bright-and-bushy. He should go back to bed. He couldn’t help it; the sky was brightening, yet he was feeling chilly. Then after a few minutes of watching the color of the sky brighten, he rested back and leaned himself next to Darla, leaving a soft kiss on her lips.

“I love you Tyler,” she uttered as she took a breath, placing her arm over his shoulder.

“I love you too Darla.” His hand ran along her covered curves.

He looked into her eyes and wondered if she was going to wake up, but she continued to sleep. Tyler managed to close his eyes and sleep along with her. He could get used to Nova Scotia; well at least until he meets her parents.

Thank you. Tune in for next week.


  1. Very romantic. But what omen does meeting her parents bode?

  2. I want to be them! Terrific thrill with a cliff-hanger! (Crossing my fingers that you'll write the answer to Pablo's question next week!)