Love Out Of Lust Series

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 07/20/2013

It's that time for another segment of AfterDark Moments, where we post our most naughtiest, erotic snippets anywhere between 100-500 words.

Here's what I have in store for you.

This is off my WIP of Love Out Of Lust - Part Two. It's a wonderful shower scene, hoping to get you tantalized.

After a few minutes in the shower, he started grabbing for the soap. He washed off his body, while trying to keep Marisol off his mind. After spending a few minutes in the shower, forgetting about Marisol, he hard-on started to go away, but something unusual happened. He heard someone coming in. The bathroom door creaked opened; it was obviously Marisol, but she’d never walked in while he was showering; nor did he!

“Marisol, what are you doing here?” He gave an odd look of concern.

“Daryl, we need to talk.”

“Couldn’t this wait?”

“Not really, it’s just something I want to get off my chest.”

Off her chest? Huh? What did she mean?

Daryl stood there, and then he noticed the shower curtains opening when he saw Marisol stepping in the shower, naked. His heart pounded in a way he couldn’t believe. Marisol was just as beautiful as the first time he saw her naked body. That familiar feeling was returning. This one-time thing between each other wasn’t enough.

“Mind if I join you?” She gave an impish grin.

He raised his eyebrows in response. He didn’t need to answer. Instead, he stepped closer to kiss her.

Daryl’s memory came into play when his lips met her soft lips. Their kiss began with a lustful intent for one another; his eyes closed and their mouths opened, letting their tongues connect with a familiar sensation running through his body. He could only imagine how she was feeling too.

He spoke into her kisses. “I don’t think we could make this a one-time thing.”

“Me neither.” She sucked on his lips, running her hands all over her back. “Besides, I remembered when I dreamed of showering with you. I’d never imagined it’d ever happened.”

Their kiss turned passionate. Marisol broke away from his kiss and began sucking into his chest. She was landing kiss marks, while the water sprayed into their bodies. He was so hard and ready, he wanted to pin her up against the shower wall and fuck her, but the bathtub wasn’t big enough for the two. It was rather a small bathtub.

Daryl held her. He ran one hand along her delicious, while caressing her body with a bar of soap with his other hand. She rested her head against his chest, purring, “I love the way your hand feels over my body.”

He continued to run the soap across her back and the crevices of her ass. He crossed the bar of soap over her upper back, until it slipped out of his hand and fell on the bathtub floor.

“Whoops!” he blushed in embarrassment.

She giggled, joking with him. “You’ve dropped the soap. Good thing you’re not in prison.”

“Good thing,” he commented.

“Yeah, I would’ve been in real trouble.”

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed. See you next Saturday.


  1. Love the end- Good thing you're not in prison. Other than a few mistakes, bvery teasingerotic shower scene.

  2. Love this! Brings back wonderful memories and some that were self-serving amusement (Drop the soap... Prison! LOL!) This is so real, it left me longing for those days, but I'll settle for more like this or more of the same! Hint!