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Friday, July 12, 2013

Releasing July 15th - Her Angela & Protection: Book One

Since the rights of Her Angela & Protection: In The Beginning has been returned to me, I will re-release it under a different title and independently under my own label, AfterDark Press. 

The story format is still the same, and the blurb is the same, but the title will be slightly different, while the release date of the book is July 22nd, 2013.

It will be available on:

All Romance eBooks

Here is a tasty EXCERPT to my story:

Vivienne suddenly backed her against the wall which made her ache in all the right places. Vivienne’s curves pressed against her as she slowly rubbed up and down – a blatant insinuation of having sex. Vivienne’s breasts pressed against hers. Dear God! Angela was just thinking about Vivienne’s luscious lips, when suddenly Vivienne turned around grinding her ass against Angie.

She’d never been this turned on by another woman’s body against hers.  The desire to kiss Vivienne hung like a heavy perfume. She thought about how long they had been friends – since their freshman year in high school. And now she was living with her. She wanted to tell Vivienne that she fantasized about her when she masturbated, and the thought of Vivienne masturbating the night before – that was crazy hot! And Vivienne was curious what it felt like to kiss a woman. Angela’s only desire was to pin her against the wall and show her!

“Just stay there,” Vivienne said as she dry-humped against Angela’s body.

Angela didn’t reply. She was held captive by the delicious smell of Vivienne’s hair. Vivienne took her hands and held them around her breasts. She felt so soft!

Angela’s heart pounded furiously. I want you so bad! I want to know what you taste like! Without thinking, she leaned and kissed the back of Vivienne’s neck. Not only did Vivienne not protest, she gasped with pleasure and reached behind her, pulling Angela closer.

Angela’s grip on Vivienne turned confident. They knew they were in public, but they could still get pretty naughty at El Tigre. Vivienne smelled so delicious, she wanted to take her home right then.

Vivienne turned around in Angie’s arms. They kissed – with tongues. Angela loved the way Vivienne moved her tongue inside her mouth. It was a bridge between trust and fear. When Vivienne pulled away, Angela was left wanting more. Vivienne’s eyes held such promise. “Let’s do another shot.” Vivienne whispered in her ear.

“Yeah... but one more kiss?” Angela asked, suddenly seductive.

Vivienne nodded, “Uh-huh.”

They both closed their eyes for the kiss. This time it was more demanding. Angela slipped her tongue inside Vivienne’s mouth. Vivienne was willing, and her kiss was delicious!

Ooh baby... I want you! Angela ran her fingers down Vivienne’s back. Her body was so soft, curvy – sensual. She guessed she was probably satisfying Vivienne’s curiosity.

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