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Monday, July 15, 2013

New Story - Revenge Sex

Here is a short erotic story piece about a girl who suggests to her friend to have sex with her in the car, in order to settle an even  score with her cheating boyfriend.

Lee pulled his car up to Denise’s town home, and set the car on park. Their expressions appeared to be shocked, as if they witness something striking.

He turned off the ignition, and sighed. “Here we are.” He turned to her.

Denise crossed eyes with him. Her mascara appeared runny, but she wasn’t crying anymore. “Thanks.” She sighed, “I can’t believe my fiancé was fucking around with your girlfriend.”

“I was wondering why she hasn’t answered my calls.” He tapped the steering wheel. “I’d stay up and wait for her, and she wouldn’t kiss me or anything; just go to bed.”

“My fiancé made excuses. What a lying son of a bitch.” She bowed her head. I don’t feel like going inside. I just don’t want to face him.”

Could he blame her? Both Lee and Denise were at a bar in Center City with co-workers when Denise entered the bathroom, and found her fiancé having sex with Lee’s girlfriend in one of the stalls. She overheard his voice, causing her to react. Her fiancé tried to explain himself, but it was over. She was too emotional to listen.

As for Lee, he found out when he heard Denise cause a commotion in the bar. Then he saw his girlfriend stepping out of the bathroom fixing her skirt. When his girlfriend crossed eyes at him, she tried to lay blame on him for her reason to cheat. Lee just shut her down.

Lee left the bar with Denise and drove her home, but not after she threw a drink at her fiancé. He deserved it… bastard!

She needed to get over what just happened, but it was hard. Could he blame her?  Lee was hurt, but at least he felt there was a reason to move on. Denise, on the other hand, was engaged and she believed every lie her fiancé told her; from staying at work late to those business trip, while he brought Lee’s girlfriend along with him. Funny thing was they didn’t piece it together, because they worked in different fields.

Lee didn’t feel like going home. He was strong to handle it, but hurt enough to sob. He offered. “I don’t feel like going home myself.”

“Me neither.” She sniffed.

“We could go for a drive.” He suggested, turning on the ignition.

“That would be fine. Go somewhere and talk.”

He shifted the car into gear and drove away from her town home. His car drove along the empty highway, while they talked about how they want to start all over. Lee just listened to her rant and cry. She needed to vent; she was engaged and hurt the most. She then told him to pull off at this exit, where they could park and talk.

He pulled up to an empty parking lot, just under the freeway and turned off the ignition, and then there was silence. What could he tell her to help console her?

“It’s too bad we didn’t stop at the liquor store to pick up a bottle of vodka.” Denise said. “I could really use another drink.”

He looked at her, with a look of astonishment. “I wouldn’t take you to drink like that.”

She looked back. “I wasn’t always this way. I’m just in the mood to forget about it.”

“It’s too bad we can’t forget what we saw.”

“I know,” she sighed.

“At least I now know why my girlfriend didn’t want to touch me.” He leaned his head against his window.

“My fiancé hasn’t touched me in almost two weeks. I was wondering why?” She wiped away the tears. “

“If I had known my girl was cheating on me, then I would’ve cheated on her back, but it wasn’t worth it.”

She then turned to him and blurted, “You know what, it’s worth it to me. I’ve done nothing more but put up with his lies.”

He waved it off, knowing she was being irrational. “Denise don’t say that. I know you don’t mean that.”

Her look was in determination. “Oh I mean it well. I agree with you, if I had known he was fucking around behind my back, I would’ve done the same and then dumped him.”

He turned away from her and shook his head. She’ll get over it by tomorrow.

“You know, it’s funny if we’re having this conversation about getting back.” She looked around her surroundings in her car. “We could just…”

Lee looked at her, in disbelief of what she’d said. She was being serious! She wants to have sex with him, right now in his car. The crazy part is that he’s feeling pretty tempted at her. She’s one hell of an attractive redhead with green eyes, and the kind of specs she was wearing was – oh my god – sexy! But he didn’t want to take advantage of her like that. She was vulnerable; who knew what Pandora’s Box he might’ve opened.

As bad as he wanted to, he resisted. “Denise, you’re not thinking right. And besides…” He emphasized the meaning of how cold it was. “It’s freezing cold outside.”

“Just start the car and turn on the heater,” she suggested. “Look, you and were both hurt. You don’t want to go home. I don’t.”

Lee stood silent. The thought was tempting, and he knew this could go the other way, but…

“Lee?” She took off her glasses, setting it on the dashboard, and leaned beside while placing her hand on his lap, gently caressing it as her hand inched close to his crotch. “We’re alone. No one doesn’t have to know.”

The sensation of Denise’s hand on his lap aroused him. All the words and gestures she was giving was clouding his judgment. He should resist the temptation, trying to find any excuse to get out of this one.

“You’re right, but –”

“But what?” Denise asked, this time backing anticipating what he was going to say.

He shook his head. “I don’t have any protection on me.” He gave a wry look. “Are you on the pill?”

She shook her head in disappointment. “No.”

They faced the windshield in front of them, and then silence. Lee was in the midst of temptation. He was willing, but his mind was telling him otherwise. Meanwhile, his urge to fuck Denise had him hard under his jeans. They remained in absolute silence, but not for long when Denise leaned over and suggested.

Denise managed to take off her long coat. “Lee, you better pull out when you’re ready to cum.”

“I will.”

Lee succumbed to his temptation. He turned to her and felt Denise’s lips close in with his. Soon, their mouths opened and they were exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Lee’s dick was raging hard. It ached to be free and into her hand. Then without warning, she moved her head down and unzipped his pants.

“Pull it out. I want to see.”

Lee was already in wanton. While he felt her fingers find its way to his zipper, he help her by unzipping his jeans through his coat. Once he was able to take his dick out of his jeans, Denise wrapped her lips on the base of his cock, and started sucking on the head of his shaft.

The feeling of Denise’s mouth over his cock felt so good, he was nervous if there were any strangers or cops lurking around. He felt comfortable, but he didn’t want to feel too comfortable. Then once she began to form a rhythm, she was bobbing her head up and down on his cock, giving him the dying urge to fuck her, but how? The car was rather a small sedan. The only place where he could fuck her was in the back seat or her seat.

He uttered out, “You ready to fuck?”

“Mmmhmm…” She said while bobbing her head up and down. She popped his cock out of her mouth, and gave a wicked grin. “I need to take off my panties.” She pulled back to her side of the seat and hiked up her long dress to take off her panties. “You know, I never thought of myself to fucking in the car.”

“Me neither, it’s my first time.”

“Turn on the heater; it’s getting cold.”

Lee turned the key of the ignition and started the car. The music in the background played some kind of love song, enough to kill the mood for both Lee and Denise.

Denise spoke with irritation. “Oh god, put something else on. I don’t want to hear that shit!”

Lee meant to turn off the radio, but he accidentally switched it to a hip hop station. The music didn’t seem to bother her. He was going to get on top of her, but suggested, “Wanna fuck in the back seat?”

“No, just get on top of me.” She converted the seat down, reaching the back seat so Lee could get on top of her.

He pulled his pants down to his ankle, and worked his way from his seat to on top of Denise. Once he was on her, he felt her hand on his cock. Her hand was cold, but soothing from her touch. Once she was able to guide his cock inside her pussy, Lee gave one hard push. She was wet and tight. He felt more than just that, her desire.

Lee gave a few soft strokes, but he picked up his speed as he pumped her hard. Denise’s hands were on his ass, encouraging him to fuck her hard.

“Oh yes, keep fucking me!”

His eyes met hers’. He’s seen her face numerous times, but never once saw her look of rapture. She displayed a look of enthusiasm as he pounded her hard. This was the first time he’s ever been inside her. He’d never imagine how heavenly she felt. Her pussy was so wet his shaft glided in and out of her pussy. If only he was able to see himself fuck her.

His strokes were furious, and Denise was moaning loudly. He could feel himself sweating under his winter clothes; he wanted to stop, but Denise’s hands on his ass said otherwise. He pumped her so hard the car rocked, and soon the windows were beginning to fog.  He wanted to fill her up so bad, but they knew they didn’t have protection. His balls had this sweet ache, indicating he was ready to cum. He wanted to pull out, but her hand gripped on his ass tightly to stay in.

He groaned, “Denise, let go of me. I’m cumming.”

She replied in her most breathy tone. “Oh god, cum all over my stomach!”

Lee managed to balance himself to get off her and pulled his cock out. Denise hiked her skirt as far as she could, watching him jerked himself, until the first wad of cum spurted all over her smooth pale tummy. His orgasm was so intense, he shot his load in large spurts while Denise purred loudly.

“That’s it… that’s it cum all over my stomach!” She purred. “God, your cum feel so warm!”

Lee was spent, he wanted to collapse on her, in disbelief over what happened. He’d known her for a long time, and he couldn’t help repeating to himself that he had sex with her. He really enjoyed her, but did she enjoy it as well? Perhaps, her hand caressing his face indicated her enjoyment.

“I really needed that.” She moved her face close to his and manage to kiss him, before he got off her and slid to the driver’s side. “Do you have a towel or something?”

“Only a few napkins in my glove compartment.” He reached for the glove compartment and opened it, handing the remaining napkins to wipe herself off. “Here.”

She took the napkins from his hand and wiped her tummy. “You came a lot!” she laughed.

He apologized, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. My ex-boyfriend didn’t cum as much as you.”

The two managed to fix themselves and put on their clothes. Then he asked. “You want to go for a bite to eat?”

“Yeah, I need to get myself cleaned up. What do you say we rent a room together, you’re helping me forget about my ex-boyfriend?”

“Okay, but I only have enough for us two at the diner.”

“Don’t worry about it. You get the food and condoms, and I’ll get us the room.” She leaned over to him and kissed him. “At least a bed is more comfortable for the two of us.”

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  1. This story blew me out of the water! So sexy hot! At the risk of repeating myself, ya gotta love revenge sex! Well done and served up with a side of blast furnace heat!