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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My (Hip Hop) Song Choice for the Summer of 2013

Tap Out by Rich Gang feat Birdman, Lil' Wayne, Future, Mack Maine, and Nikki Minaj.

Now, I'm not big into Young Money, but I will give props to the song and video. It had the sex appeal I really needed for my muse. I'm going to write a short erotic, inspired by this song. Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Thrills - 07/25/2013 - Meet Up In Long Distance

It's time for that wonderful segment of Thursday Thrills, where authors write a snippet between 100 - 1000 words, based on the provided picture.

Here's what I have in store for you.

It was a sunny spring morning in Hyde Park, London where Trey walked through a shaded area of the park. The sun bothered his eyes, and he couldn’t read the text off his phone; there was too much glare. He should’ve brought over his pair of shades, yet he loved being in London, away from his hometown from Manhattan. Both London and New York has its similarities, but different cultures. He was here to meet that special someone for a long time --  Camila Worthing.

He remembered the first time he spoke with her; on the phone, six months ago, talking about writing erotica. The first time he heard her voice, she had this cute clipped accent that was both sexy and lovely. Her voice just pulled his attraction more. She was someone had his heart at hello. Their conversations were soon frequent; frequent enough to have a high cell phone bill, but that didn’t matter to him; she was all worth it.

They shared erotic content, and then short erotic snippets through their emails. One time, he emailed her a short erotic story that had Camila responding back how she masturbated to his story. Her response on that email was explosive, and how much it turned her on. He was amazed at her response, he read it over and over, wondering what she’d sound like if she masturbated.

Then it happened… he heard her masturbated when he read her another one of his stories. She wanted him to read her a bedtime story of his own. As he read to her, he heard her soft erotic sounds of her voice, it was just what he anticipated. Camila’s voice was soft, sensual, tantalizing enough to make him want to stop and touch himself. All he could imagined what’d she looked like naked, in bed, on top of him, riding him as she held her breast together and moaned in pure ecstasy. He was almost done with his story, but he stopped reading when he heard her orgasm over the phone. Camila was beyond his wildest dreams. She told him how much she wished he wasn’t so far away, which gave him the idea of meeting her in London.

She was thrilled, but was he for real? No man has ever sought for her overseas. Trey told her he was serious, but he only needed a month to book his flight over there. And so here he was in London, in Hyde Park, waiting to meet her, but he didn’t know what she exactly looked like. He told her that he was a tall, dark-skinned man wearing a New York Yankees jersey, and Camila described to him that she was a beautiful blonde with blue eyes, and a curvy figure.

He imagined if she was a fat-girl. She did mentioned to him she was curvy, but it didn’t matter to him. He felt there was love-at-first-sight, and her looks shouldn’t mean anything. But he couldn’t find the woman anywhere in Hyde Park, he felt awkward standing in the shade. Luckily, they exchanged texts to each other, upon his visit. When he arrived last night, she told him was working and where she’ll get to meet him.

He waited, and texted I’m here, where are you?

I see you. Look behind.

He turned around and then came to pure acceptance when he notice a blonde-haired heavy-set woman, holding her kid’s hand as they walked along the grass, but she wasn’t holding a phone.

His phone beeped another message. No, not there, over here!

He gave a puzzled expression. He looked up and turned his head at an angle when he noticed a woman with short, strawberry blonde hair, wearing a black laced blouse and blue jean that hugged around her beautiful hips. She was absolutely beautiful – wow!

“Camila?” he asked.

“Trey,” She smiled. “Hi, I can’t believe you’re here.”

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 07/20/2013

It's that time for another segment of AfterDark Moments, where we post our most naughtiest, erotic snippets anywhere between 100-500 words.

Here's what I have in store for you.

This is off my WIP of Love Out Of Lust - Part Two. It's a wonderful shower scene, hoping to get you tantalized.

After a few minutes in the shower, he started grabbing for the soap. He washed off his body, while trying to keep Marisol off his mind. After spending a few minutes in the shower, forgetting about Marisol, he hard-on started to go away, but something unusual happened. He heard someone coming in. The bathroom door creaked opened; it was obviously Marisol, but she’d never walked in while he was showering; nor did he!

“Marisol, what are you doing here?” He gave an odd look of concern.

“Daryl, we need to talk.”

“Couldn’t this wait?”

“Not really, it’s just something I want to get off my chest.”

Off her chest? Huh? What did she mean?

Daryl stood there, and then he noticed the shower curtains opening when he saw Marisol stepping in the shower, naked. His heart pounded in a way he couldn’t believe. Marisol was just as beautiful as the first time he saw her naked body. That familiar feeling was returning. This one-time thing between each other wasn’t enough.

“Mind if I join you?” She gave an impish grin.

He raised his eyebrows in response. He didn’t need to answer. Instead, he stepped closer to kiss her.

Daryl’s memory came into play when his lips met her soft lips. Their kiss began with a lustful intent for one another; his eyes closed and their mouths opened, letting their tongues connect with a familiar sensation running through his body. He could only imagine how she was feeling too.

He spoke into her kisses. “I don’t think we could make this a one-time thing.”

“Me neither.” She sucked on his lips, running her hands all over her back. “Besides, I remembered when I dreamed of showering with you. I’d never imagined it’d ever happened.”

Their kiss turned passionate. Marisol broke away from his kiss and began sucking into his chest. She was landing kiss marks, while the water sprayed into their bodies. He was so hard and ready, he wanted to pin her up against the shower wall and fuck her, but the bathtub wasn’t big enough for the two. It was rather a small bathtub.

Daryl held her. He ran one hand along her delicious, while caressing her body with a bar of soap with his other hand. She rested her head against his chest, purring, “I love the way your hand feels over my body.”

He continued to run the soap across her back and the crevices of her ass. He crossed the bar of soap over her upper back, until it slipped out of his hand and fell on the bathtub floor.

“Whoops!” he blushed in embarrassment.

She giggled, joking with him. “You’ve dropped the soap. Good thing you’re not in prison.”

“Good thing,” he commented.

“Yeah, I would’ve been in real trouble.”

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed. See you next Saturday.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Thrills 07/18/2013

Hiyadoin? It's time for another segment of Thursday Thrills, where authors post a snippet anywhere between 100 - 1000 words. 

And it's time for another segment of Darla & Tyler.

Tyler awoke in the abandoned lighthouse, where he watched the sky brighten, and the sunrise, slowly over the horizon. It was a beautiful morning, and he looked at Darla, realizing how beautiful she was. She was resting comfortably in her sleeper, naked. Tyler remembered very well what happened; they went on a road trip, parked away from shore, bringing a pint of vodka and orange juice, along with their sleepers for a romantic adventure inside the lighthouse. Of course they brought a kerosene lamp with them, in order to stay warm in the lighthouse tower. Their intention was to camp outside of the lighthouse, and wait for the sunrise, but build up of the fog and the chill had them camping inside.

Tyler remembered the night they’ve spent together; in the lighthouse drinking and making out like they were teenagers in their parents’ basement. Then they took of their clothes and made love under the amber-lit room from the kerosene. They couldn’t recall how long they stayed up for; it didn’t matter to them. They recalled it was their most memorable getaways in a long time.

He sat up and watch Darla’s chest rise and fall in her sleep. She was so sound asleep, she didn’t know Tyler was bright-and-bushy. He should go back to bed. He couldn’t help it; the sky was brightening, yet he was feeling chilly. Then after a few minutes of watching the color of the sky brighten, he rested back and leaned himself next to Darla, leaving a soft kiss on her lips.

“I love you Tyler,” she uttered as she took a breath, placing her arm over his shoulder.

“I love you too Darla.” His hand ran along her covered curves.

He looked into her eyes and wondered if she was going to wake up, but she continued to sleep. Tyler managed to close his eyes and sleep along with her. He could get used to Nova Scotia; well at least until he meets her parents.

Thank you. Tune in for next week.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Re-Release of Her Angela & Protection: Book One.

Hey, what's up? Today is the day for the re-release of "Her Angela & Protection" This book was originally released under No Boundaries Press, until it closed its door in June. Since I now own the rights of the book, I am going to re-release it under my own label - AfterDark Press.

This is a series that I'm working on, and it will probably be the only lesbian series that I'm working on. It's a very cute story between Angela and Vivienne.

It is out now on 

Monday, July 15, 2013

New Story - Revenge Sex

Here is a short erotic story piece about a girl who suggests to her friend to have sex with her in the car, in order to settle an even  score with her cheating boyfriend.

Lee pulled his car up to Denise’s town home, and set the car on park. Their expressions appeared to be shocked, as if they witness something striking.

He turned off the ignition, and sighed. “Here we are.” He turned to her.

Denise crossed eyes with him. Her mascara appeared runny, but she wasn’t crying anymore. “Thanks.” She sighed, “I can’t believe my fiancé was fucking around with your girlfriend.”

“I was wondering why she hasn’t answered my calls.” He tapped the steering wheel. “I’d stay up and wait for her, and she wouldn’t kiss me or anything; just go to bed.”

“My fiancé made excuses. What a lying son of a bitch.” She bowed her head. I don’t feel like going inside. I just don’t want to face him.”

Could he blame her? Both Lee and Denise were at a bar in Center City with co-workers when Denise entered the bathroom, and found her fiancé having sex with Lee’s girlfriend in one of the stalls. She overheard his voice, causing her to react. Her fiancé tried to explain himself, but it was over. She was too emotional to listen.

As for Lee, he found out when he heard Denise cause a commotion in the bar. Then he saw his girlfriend stepping out of the bathroom fixing her skirt. When his girlfriend crossed eyes at him, she tried to lay blame on him for her reason to cheat. Lee just shut her down.

Lee left the bar with Denise and drove her home, but not after she threw a drink at her fiancé. He deserved it… bastard!

She needed to get over what just happened, but it was hard. Could he blame her?  Lee was hurt, but at least he felt there was a reason to move on. Denise, on the other hand, was engaged and she believed every lie her fiancé told her; from staying at work late to those business trip, while he brought Lee’s girlfriend along with him. Funny thing was they didn’t piece it together, because they worked in different fields.

Lee didn’t feel like going home. He was strong to handle it, but hurt enough to sob. He offered. “I don’t feel like going home myself.”

“Me neither.” She sniffed.

“We could go for a drive.” He suggested, turning on the ignition.

“That would be fine. Go somewhere and talk.”

He shifted the car into gear and drove away from her town home. His car drove along the empty highway, while they talked about how they want to start all over. Lee just listened to her rant and cry. She needed to vent; she was engaged and hurt the most. She then told him to pull off at this exit, where they could park and talk.

He pulled up to an empty parking lot, just under the freeway and turned off the ignition, and then there was silence. What could he tell her to help console her?

“It’s too bad we didn’t stop at the liquor store to pick up a bottle of vodka.” Denise said. “I could really use another drink.”

He looked at her, with a look of astonishment. “I wouldn’t take you to drink like that.”

She looked back. “I wasn’t always this way. I’m just in the mood to forget about it.”

“It’s too bad we can’t forget what we saw.”

“I know,” she sighed.

“At least I now know why my girlfriend didn’t want to touch me.” He leaned his head against his window.

“My fiancé hasn’t touched me in almost two weeks. I was wondering why?” She wiped away the tears. “

“If I had known my girl was cheating on me, then I would’ve cheated on her back, but it wasn’t worth it.”

She then turned to him and blurted, “You know what, it’s worth it to me. I’ve done nothing more but put up with his lies.”

He waved it off, knowing she was being irrational. “Denise don’t say that. I know you don’t mean that.”

Her look was in determination. “Oh I mean it well. I agree with you, if I had known he was fucking around behind my back, I would’ve done the same and then dumped him.”

He turned away from her and shook his head. She’ll get over it by tomorrow.

“You know, it’s funny if we’re having this conversation about getting back.” She looked around her surroundings in her car. “We could just…”

Lee looked at her, in disbelief of what she’d said. She was being serious! She wants to have sex with him, right now in his car. The crazy part is that he’s feeling pretty tempted at her. She’s one hell of an attractive redhead with green eyes, and the kind of specs she was wearing was – oh my god – sexy! But he didn’t want to take advantage of her like that. She was vulnerable; who knew what Pandora’s Box he might’ve opened.

As bad as he wanted to, he resisted. “Denise, you’re not thinking right. And besides…” He emphasized the meaning of how cold it was. “It’s freezing cold outside.”

“Just start the car and turn on the heater,” she suggested. “Look, you and were both hurt. You don’t want to go home. I don’t.”

Lee stood silent. The thought was tempting, and he knew this could go the other way, but…

“Lee?” She took off her glasses, setting it on the dashboard, and leaned beside while placing her hand on his lap, gently caressing it as her hand inched close to his crotch. “We’re alone. No one doesn’t have to know.”

The sensation of Denise’s hand on his lap aroused him. All the words and gestures she was giving was clouding his judgment. He should resist the temptation, trying to find any excuse to get out of this one.

“You’re right, but –”

“But what?” Denise asked, this time backing anticipating what he was going to say.

He shook his head. “I don’t have any protection on me.” He gave a wry look. “Are you on the pill?”

She shook her head in disappointment. “No.”

They faced the windshield in front of them, and then silence. Lee was in the midst of temptation. He was willing, but his mind was telling him otherwise. Meanwhile, his urge to fuck Denise had him hard under his jeans. They remained in absolute silence, but not for long when Denise leaned over and suggested.

Denise managed to take off her long coat. “Lee, you better pull out when you’re ready to cum.”

“I will.”

Lee succumbed to his temptation. He turned to her and felt Denise’s lips close in with his. Soon, their mouths opened and they were exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Lee’s dick was raging hard. It ached to be free and into her hand. Then without warning, she moved her head down and unzipped his pants.

“Pull it out. I want to see.”

Lee was already in wanton. While he felt her fingers find its way to his zipper, he help her by unzipping his jeans through his coat. Once he was able to take his dick out of his jeans, Denise wrapped her lips on the base of his cock, and started sucking on the head of his shaft.

The feeling of Denise’s mouth over his cock felt so good, he was nervous if there were any strangers or cops lurking around. He felt comfortable, but he didn’t want to feel too comfortable. Then once she began to form a rhythm, she was bobbing her head up and down on his cock, giving him the dying urge to fuck her, but how? The car was rather a small sedan. The only place where he could fuck her was in the back seat or her seat.

He uttered out, “You ready to fuck?”

“Mmmhmm…” She said while bobbing her head up and down. She popped his cock out of her mouth, and gave a wicked grin. “I need to take off my panties.” She pulled back to her side of the seat and hiked up her long dress to take off her panties. “You know, I never thought of myself to fucking in the car.”

“Me neither, it’s my first time.”

“Turn on the heater; it’s getting cold.”

Lee turned the key of the ignition and started the car. The music in the background played some kind of love song, enough to kill the mood for both Lee and Denise.

Denise spoke with irritation. “Oh god, put something else on. I don’t want to hear that shit!”

Lee meant to turn off the radio, but he accidentally switched it to a hip hop station. The music didn’t seem to bother her. He was going to get on top of her, but suggested, “Wanna fuck in the back seat?”

“No, just get on top of me.” She converted the seat down, reaching the back seat so Lee could get on top of her.

He pulled his pants down to his ankle, and worked his way from his seat to on top of Denise. Once he was on her, he felt her hand on his cock. Her hand was cold, but soothing from her touch. Once she was able to guide his cock inside her pussy, Lee gave one hard push. She was wet and tight. He felt more than just that, her desire.

Lee gave a few soft strokes, but he picked up his speed as he pumped her hard. Denise’s hands were on his ass, encouraging him to fuck her hard.

“Oh yes, keep fucking me!”

His eyes met hers’. He’s seen her face numerous times, but never once saw her look of rapture. She displayed a look of enthusiasm as he pounded her hard. This was the first time he’s ever been inside her. He’d never imagine how heavenly she felt. Her pussy was so wet his shaft glided in and out of her pussy. If only he was able to see himself fuck her.

His strokes were furious, and Denise was moaning loudly. He could feel himself sweating under his winter clothes; he wanted to stop, but Denise’s hands on his ass said otherwise. He pumped her so hard the car rocked, and soon the windows were beginning to fog.  He wanted to fill her up so bad, but they knew they didn’t have protection. His balls had this sweet ache, indicating he was ready to cum. He wanted to pull out, but her hand gripped on his ass tightly to stay in.

He groaned, “Denise, let go of me. I’m cumming.”

She replied in her most breathy tone. “Oh god, cum all over my stomach!”

Lee managed to balance himself to get off her and pulled his cock out. Denise hiked her skirt as far as she could, watching him jerked himself, until the first wad of cum spurted all over her smooth pale tummy. His orgasm was so intense, he shot his load in large spurts while Denise purred loudly.

“That’s it… that’s it cum all over my stomach!” She purred. “God, your cum feel so warm!”

Lee was spent, he wanted to collapse on her, in disbelief over what happened. He’d known her for a long time, and he couldn’t help repeating to himself that he had sex with her. He really enjoyed her, but did she enjoy it as well? Perhaps, her hand caressing his face indicated her enjoyment.

“I really needed that.” She moved her face close to his and manage to kiss him, before he got off her and slid to the driver’s side. “Do you have a towel or something?”

“Only a few napkins in my glove compartment.” He reached for the glove compartment and opened it, handing the remaining napkins to wipe herself off. “Here.”

She took the napkins from his hand and wiped her tummy. “You came a lot!” she laughed.

He apologized, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. My ex-boyfriend didn’t cum as much as you.”

The two managed to fix themselves and put on their clothes. Then he asked. “You want to go for a bite to eat?”

“Yeah, I need to get myself cleaned up. What do you say we rent a room together, you’re helping me forget about my ex-boyfriend?”

“Okay, but I only have enough for us two at the diner.”

“Don’t worry about it. You get the food and condoms, and I’ll get us the room.” She leaned over to him and kissed him. “At least a bed is more comfortable for the two of us.”

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday AfterDark Moments - 07/13/2013

It's been a long time, but we should left you.
We're back to one of my favorite moments to write about - AfterDark Moments,
where authors like me post snippets, erotic snippets between 100 - 500 words.

Here is what I have in store for you.

This is a piece I'm taking from my WIP - About The Night Ride Home; originally completed
in 2011, but being re-worked since my writing style has changed. I want to provide a cute snippet between -
Darla & Tyler.

May 15th, 2004...

He smiled, then asked, “Darla, why don’t come spend the day with me?” We could go somewhere and spend a beautiful Saturday together.”
She pouted, “I’d love to, but I need to get going and get a change of clothes.” She looked back behind her. “Plus, this bed was a little hard on my back. But why don’t we go out later tonight?”
He displayed a look of disappointment, but accepted. “Sure, we could do that.” Darla heard an electronica sound that appeared familiar to her. The song was by Narcotic Thrust, yet new, but catchy with a trance-like hook. Darla raised her eyebrows wide, giving Tyler a concerned look. “What is it Darla?”
“Turn up the volume. I love this song!” She emphasized the meaning for the volume to be raised.
Tyler turned up the volume on the boombox. “I never heard of this song.”
“I fell in love with the lyrics when I first heard it. If you get to know the lyrics to this song, then you’ll understood me.”
“What’s the name of the song?”
“I Like It.”
He asked again, “I Like It?”
“Yeah... shh, just listen.” As she lip-synced to the hook lyrics of the song – I Like It by Narcotic Thrust.
Tyler watched her lip-synced to the song being played; she was really into it, just as well he caught on to the lyrics itself.
“It’s a mix CD from a good friend of mine DJ Wheely.”
She dropped her jaw in disbelief. “Oh shut up! You’re friends with DJ Wheely?” She smiled “Oh my god! He’s my favorite DJ!”
“We grew up together, back in the Bay Area. I remembered when he first started DJ’ing he was making mixtapes for house parties, and then ended up doing his mixshows on the web. I have some of his original mixes.”
“I love his mixes, and I followed him on the internet shows, when I lived in Long Island. You’ve got to introduce me to him. I’m like his number one fan.”
“I got a better idea, I know where he spins – a club called Club Amnesia, just across town. If I call him, I’m sure he’ll put us on the guest list tonight.”
“Oh my god, you’ve got to call him!”
“How does eleven p.m. sound? We could make it there and have a good time.”
“Cool, but before I go anywhere, could I use your shower?”
 He chuckled. “Of course.”
Darla gave a naughty grin, raising her eyebrow, “I didn’t say I want to shower alone, if you get what I mean.”

Thank you for reading. 
Be sure you check out my peoples below.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Releasing July 15th - Her Angela & Protection: Book One

Since the rights of Her Angela & Protection: In The Beginning has been returned to me, I will re-release it under a different title and independently under my own label, AfterDark Press. 

The story format is still the same, and the blurb is the same, but the title will be slightly different, while the release date of the book is July 22nd, 2013.

It will be available on:

All Romance eBooks

Here is a tasty EXCERPT to my story:

Vivienne suddenly backed her against the wall which made her ache in all the right places. Vivienne’s curves pressed against her as she slowly rubbed up and down – a blatant insinuation of having sex. Vivienne’s breasts pressed against hers. Dear God! Angela was just thinking about Vivienne’s luscious lips, when suddenly Vivienne turned around grinding her ass against Angie.

She’d never been this turned on by another woman’s body against hers.  The desire to kiss Vivienne hung like a heavy perfume. She thought about how long they had been friends – since their freshman year in high school. And now she was living with her. She wanted to tell Vivienne that she fantasized about her when she masturbated, and the thought of Vivienne masturbating the night before – that was crazy hot! And Vivienne was curious what it felt like to kiss a woman. Angela’s only desire was to pin her against the wall and show her!

“Just stay there,” Vivienne said as she dry-humped against Angela’s body.

Angela didn’t reply. She was held captive by the delicious smell of Vivienne’s hair. Vivienne took her hands and held them around her breasts. She felt so soft!

Angela’s heart pounded furiously. I want you so bad! I want to know what you taste like! Without thinking, she leaned and kissed the back of Vivienne’s neck. Not only did Vivienne not protest, she gasped with pleasure and reached behind her, pulling Angela closer.

Angela’s grip on Vivienne turned confident. They knew they were in public, but they could still get pretty naughty at El Tigre. Vivienne smelled so delicious, she wanted to take her home right then.

Vivienne turned around in Angie’s arms. They kissed – with tongues. Angela loved the way Vivienne moved her tongue inside her mouth. It was a bridge between trust and fear. When Vivienne pulled away, Angela was left wanting more. Vivienne’s eyes held such promise. “Let’s do another shot.” Vivienne whispered in her ear.

“Yeah... but one more kiss?” Angela asked, suddenly seductive.

Vivienne nodded, “Uh-huh.”

They both closed their eyes for the kiss. This time it was more demanding. Angela slipped her tongue inside Vivienne’s mouth. Vivienne was willing, and her kiss was delicious!

Ooh baby... I want you! Angela ran her fingers down Vivienne’s back. Her body was so soft, curvy – sensual. She guessed she was probably satisfying Vivienne’s curiosity.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Thrill - 07/11/2013 - Darla & Tyler's Last Day of Vacation.

Woohoo! What's up?

We're back, it's been a long time since we've done a Thursday Thrill piece, 
but we're back rocking like never before.
Get ready, because I'm doing a skit with my two favorite character -- Darla & Tyler, and they're on a vacation of a lifetime.

“I could just live here forever,” Darla held her smart phone up and snapped the most perfect picture of the coast – a crystal clear view of civilization across the shore, the calm waters awashing on the beach, and the Azul evening sky that spelled the word paradise.

“God, I’d hate to head back to Portland.” Tyler frowned. “I was getting used to staying here. One week isn’t enough time for vacation.”

She sighed, “I know.” She snapped another picture. “We could sleep out here.”

“Well, not here, because of the tides.”

“No, I was referring to sleeping in the patio area, where we can enjoy the wonderful view of the water.” She rested her head on his shoulders. “Besides, this view reminds us of when we got together at your place.”

He smiled. “It was the best weekend ever.”

“Mine too. It was the night I met your neighbor Peaches.” She entwined her fingers with his. “You know, we could re-live that moment together again. Peaches isn’t here, and we don’t have neighbors to worry about the noises we make.”

“How loud can you be?” Tyler gave a wicked grin. “We have to turn back tomorrow; back to Portland.”

Darla started to untie her bikini bottom. Tyler quickly widened his eyes, realizing she was crazy enough to do that, but no one was watching, and the beach house they were staying at was only yards away.

“Wanna find out?” Darla let her bikini bottom loose to help entice Tyler with her beautiful nakedness.

Monday, July 8, 2013

For Two Days Only...

For two days only, I'm doing a free giveaway of my short lesbian erotic story To Get With Stephanie.

Here is the blurb to the story:

Olivia has had this attraction of her new neighbor, Stephanie, ever since she moved in. She wanted to find ways to tell Stephanie how she feels, but she wasn't sure if Stephanie shared the same feelings as her. When the opportunity is presented, would Olivia take the opportunity?

Download your copy on Amazon

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I just received a "Hot Blog Award"

Hey guys, what's been going on? I've been busy working on several stories lately, while doing new things for my website. Now I want to mention that I just received a "Hot Blog Award from a fellow author - Tonya Kinzer. 

I want to say thank you, and I truly feel honored. Plus, I want to thank the number of followers on my blog, as well as the Network Bloggers. I have more content and stuff to come along. 

Thank you Tonya Kinzer!

Also, thank you to all my followers.